Is It safe to have dental implants in Turkey?

It is totally the safe to have dental implants in Turkey. Turkey is one of the countries that has a unique culture, diverse cuisine, cultural landscapes, and a lot of old architecture that is quite exciting to see. From the beginning, Turkey is the best option to go to for your holiday. The weather of Antalya is always fit for a holiday and the prices are extremely affordable. You will have the chance from the weather and chance from the prices to go everywhere in Antalya and have the best food and desserts in your life.

Affordable prices and beautiful views from everywhere around the country, Turkey is recognisable around the world. This recognition has helped Turkey to build health tourism as well. People who are coming from all around the world started to come for their dental treatments as well.

advantages of getting teeth done in Turkey
Ms Chloe got dental implants and smile design in Turkey at Dentafly

Turkey has the best dental schools for dental implant surgeons and dental prosthetic surgeons for crowns, veneers, and laminate veneers. The universities have excellent study and internship programmes that even right after a dentist or dental implant surgeon is graduated, they have more than enough experience. In their first year, they have more experience compared to any other dentist around the world. Turkey has many patients around the world and dentists are having at least 5 patients every day. Unlike the UK or USA, our dentists work hard to gain experience to become much better than everyone else. There is a sweet competition amongst the dentists in Turkey. Our dental implant surgeons are doing over 1000 implants every year.

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    Getting dental treatment in Turkey will be an investment for you. In Turkey, we, Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, are offering the best brands and best materials for affordable prices so that everyone can get the new teeth of their dream teeth that they deserve. By choosing Turkey for your dental treatment, you can save up to £40.000 and getting a better treatment with better brands is just the advantage.

    What are the advantages of getting teeth done in Turkey?

    • Time

    First of all, no waiting time. We are working 6 days every week and we are completing your treatment in a maximum of one week. You will not need to make an appointment beforehand for weeks or even months from now. You will schedule your own timing and book your flight ticket to start your treatment to get your perfect new teeth with crowns in Turkey.

    • Better brands

    We, Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, are working with the best brands around the world that have proven themselves. We are working with Straumann dental implants, Hiossen dental implants, Nobel Biocare dental implants, and for crowns, veneers and laminate veneers, we are working with Straumann and Ivoclar.

    • Straumann: We are working closely with Straumann. We are officially certificated and authorised from Straumann to use their products and offer to our patients. Our dental implant surgeons have worked and have been working with Straumann BLX dental implants for many years.
    • Hiossen: Hiossen is one of the recent dental implant manufacturers but their background is coming from Osstem dental implants. They have a strong background and they have built their own dental implant manufacturing facility and dental implant improvement research development facility in the USA to become better. They have moved up to the first 5 best dental implant brands in the world.
    • Nobel Biocare: Nobel Biocare is the pioneer of All on System dental implants and Zygomatic dental implants. We are working with Nobel Biocare and their Zygomatic dental implants. Zygomatic dental implant is not something every clinic can achieve. We have been and still are working with zygomatic dental implants to help our patients from all around the world in Turkey.
      Straumann  and Ivoclar: Straumann  and Ivoclar Digital Monolithic Glass-Ceramic Zirconia crown is the single most biocompatible crown-veneer type. We are working with fully digital dentistry system so that the crowns will be a perfect fit that they will not cause:
    • Swollen gum
    • Red gums
    • Irritated gums
    • Our patients are always comfortable after they get their new teeth in Turkey.

    Ivoclar e-max: The emax material is extremely aesthetic and durable just like zirconia crowns. The difference of emax veneers is that the surface is much easier to achieve a natural look with custom design that the patient wants.

    Is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey?

    Here at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, we stand behind the products and brands that we are working with. We give our patients certificates of the treatments that we have done from the companies themselves. You will receive a certificate of authorisation even if you get only one dental crown or veneer in Turkey.

    Our dental implants from Straumann dental implants, Hiossen dental implants, and Nobel Biocare dental implants all have an international lifetime of guarantee from the company.

    is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey
    Straumann dental implants with Turkish flag

    The crowns, veneers, and laminate veneers from Straumann nice and Ivoclar normally have 4 years of guarantee. We are offering and providing our patients with 8 years of guarantee for the crowns, veneers, and laminate veneers in Turkey.

    Aftercare for the dental treatments in Turkey

    • Support team

    We are always welcoming our patients for anything. They are asking us questions about what to be careful of or how I can keep them hygienic better. We have created a special Dentafly Support Team to help our patients at any time. The support team is consistently working with our prosthetic dentists and dental implant surgeons to give the answers that our patients are looking for.

    • Guarantee

    Dental Implants: Our guarantees for dental implants are valid all around the world. The companies directly provide lifetime of international guarantees. That is the reason why we are working with them. They are the top dental implant brands and they have proven themselves to the world. They trust their dental implants so that they can give a lifetime of international guarantee.

    Dental crowns, veneers, and laminate veneers: In the dentistry, there is no such thing as guarantee when it comes to crowns, veneers, or laminate veneers in Turkey. The reason is that the crowns, veneers, and laminate veneers are always being used under pressure that it is impossible to give any guarantee. Here at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, we provide 8 years of guarantee for our patients with crowns, veneers, and laminate veneers in Turkey.

    Accredited dental clinics in Turkey

    Practice accreditation for a dental clinic is not mandatory from the Turkish Ministry of Health. Of course, the Turkish Ministry of Health has regulations that every clinic must follow in order to stay active, but that is besides the accreditation. Especially for private dental clinics, accreditation is not mandatory.

    Accredited Dental Clinics in Turkey
    Accredited Dental Clinics in Turkey

    If a dental clinic has attended to receive an International Accredited Clinic certificate, especially from GCR (Global Clinic Rating) means that the clinic have started the process voluntarily and undergone serious continuous commitment to improve safety and quality. After a clinic is given the accreditation, GCR does not stop of course. The clinic is being supervised and observed regularly to check if the clinic still matches the qualifications of International Accredited Clinic.

    Not only the dentists but all of the staff are undergoing the procedures of getting accreditation. The clinic is seen as one and everyone has to match the needs of getting accreditation. Here at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, we are accredited by GCR.

    Regulations and legislations by the Turkish Ministry of Health In Turkey, to open a dental clinic you need to match the criteria that are set by the Turkish Ministry of Health. There are specific tools that your clinic needs to have, staff, and even the dimensions of a room for sterilisation needs to meet the criteria for the dental clinic to open and stay open.

    Ministry of health and It's policies
    Dental treatment policies in Turkey

    Having a dental clinic that does health tourism has many more criteria to match in order to continue working. The Turkish Ministry of Health regularly checks the clinics who have health tourism certificates. The reason is that because Turkey is such a big country that does health tourism, Turkey wants every clinic to be professional and match not only the National Quality Standards but the Quality Standards of the World.

    Building Trust

    We have been working with patients around the world for over 10 years. We are working with experienced dentists and dental implant surgeons in Turkey. Our mission is to help everyone around the world with the best dental treatments and dental care. There are many patients who are struggling to fight with the unfair prices in their countries. We are able to deliver fair prices of the best materials and the best dental implants to our patients because we are negotiating with the companies and their policies of local pricing.

    Trusted expert Doctors
    Trusted expert Doctors

    We are standing by the dental treatments in Turkey that we do so that we are able to give you guarantees for even our crowns, veneers, and laminate veneers in Turkey. Normally, no other dental clinics, especially dental clinics that are doing health tourism does not provide guarantees for crowns, veneers, and laminate veneers in Turkey or anywhere around the world.
    How we are building the trust of our patients

    There are many dental clinics in the world and there are many dental clinics in Turkey. To stand out amongst the other dental clinics, we have been working hard and working with the best brands. We are working with the best equipment for dental instruments and we are working with a fully Digital Dentistry System. We have experienced prosthetic dentists and dental implant surgeons along with our own general anaesthesia experts. We have a certificate of QC (Quality Control).

    Importance of Trustpilot and Google Business Rating

    We have a fantastic 4.8 Google Business rate and an excellent 4.7 TrustPilot rate. We are not just the best clinic in Turkey but we are one of the best dental clinics in the world. We are proud that we have helped thousands of patients from all around the world and keep putting up excellent work on different varieties of dental treatments.

    Trust of our patients and business partners
    Trust of our patients and business partners

    No notice needed

    Whenever you need us, we are here. We do not keep our patients waiting for days, weeks, or months for an appointment for dental treatment or a check-up. We are completing dental treatments in Turkey within 6 full business days for crowns, veneers, laminate veneers and for dental implant treatments, again we need 6 full business days to complete with 2 visits with 3-6 months healing period to wait.

    Whenever our patients are in Antalya, we want them to come to our dental clinic for a chat and a check-up. They do not have to get an appointment beforehand. Our patients are always welcome.

    Essentials of Dental Treatment in Turkey

    Unlike other clinics around the world, we at Dentafly in Turkey, do not charge extra for consultation, whether it is online or done at our clinic, X-Ray, and CT-Scan. In order to create a good plan that will have a lifetime of positive results, consultation is inseparable from dental treatments. In order for us to know our patients’ situation and for the patients to learn about the dental treatment options are their right to know. We are providing everything beforehand for patients to not have any question in their minds.

    Essentials of dental treatments
    Essentials of dental treatments

    By taking X-ray and CT scans, we can offer a certain and healthy plan to the patient. That is how we can explain the procedure and ask the patient about their expectations. X-ray and CT Scan, which is 3D X-ray helps us a lot. By using them, the dental implant surgeon can use the 3D X-ray as a guide to place the implant to the bone to secure it.

    Again, unlike other clinics around the world, we do not charge extra for local anaesthesia. It is impossible to perform any kind of dental treatment (except gum treatment and professional laser whitening) such as dental implants or preparation for the crowns, veneers, and laminate veneers without local anaesthesia. We must provide our patients with local anaesthesia so that they will have less things to think about while getting their treatment. We know that it is quite psychological as much as physical it is to get a dental treatment. We are creating our path and policies for the comfort of our patients.


    Here at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, we are here for you at every step. It does not matter where you are around the world, we have methods to reach out to you to get an update about your health.

    So the answer to the question “is it safe to have dental implants in Turkey?” is “YES” in Turkey at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio.


    MSc. Dt Soner Arikan

    He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Gazi University in 2004. He has worked on Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Cad/Cam dental treatments, and smile designs. He has been a certified dentist for brands like Nobel Biocare Swedish Implant, Bego German Implant, I-System Screwless Implant, and Straumann Swiss Implant since 2006.