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As DentaFLY, we focus on every single detail for you in smile design process.
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Dentafly Dental Clinic in Antalya

As DentaFLY team, we brought our 25 years of dentistry experience to Antalya. We provide our services in our clinic in Barınaklar, Antalya with our cutting edge equipment and certified implant dentists.

As DentaFLY, we focus on smile aesthetics and implant treatments. As in all other dental treatments, we take care of our patients on an individual basis through a careful treatment process and provide follow-ups after treatment.

As DentaFLY, we focus on robotic implant technologies. In our three-storey clinic, we focus on dental treatments like oral and dental surgery, implant treatment, and smile aesthetics. We perform treatment planning for the satisfaction of our patients living in Antalya or from all over the globe.

After the treatment planning is completed, our specialist doctors inform our patients about the treatment process. Then, our patients are informed about conditions during and after treatment. The importance we attach to every single stage of treatment comes from the vision and experience of our doctors, who have cared for thousands of patients.


As DentaFLY team, we provide support for all dental treatments in our dental hospital. As we continue to follow the latest developments in Digital Dentistry, we focus particularly on implant treatment and smile aesthetic treatment.

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