Composite Bonding Costs

In recent years, due to the increasing demand for dental treatments in Turkey, many clinics have started to offer services. The cost of composite bonding for a single tooth in Turkey is between £100-130. Composite bonding costs in Turkey are cheaper compared to other countries, but costs vary depending on the physical conditions of the clinics. This situation is also related to the clinics’ material supply and material quality. Dentafly has an active laboratory within its clinic, allowing for the preparation of materials used in treatments. Thus, Dentafly has the advantage of offering the highest quality and most affordable treatment plan for its patients. The technological laboratory within Dentafly accelerates the process of preparing materials used in treatments, reducing treatment costs. As a result, Dentafly provides its patients with a fast and economical treatment process. The expert laboratory team of Dentafly meticulously meets the aesthetic expectations of patients by creating personalized designs suitable for their needs, oral, and facial structures. All these factors allow Dentafly Dental Clinic to maintain low costs for composite bonding treatment.

Composite Bonding Costs by Countries

In our daily lives, our teeth and smiles are the first things people notice. A beautiful smile enhances our self-confidence. However, even if our overall oral health is good, there may be minor flaws in our teeth. In such cases, composite bonding emerges as an easily applicable and cost-effective solution. Composite bonding is a treatment used to correct shape irregularities, localized staining on teeth, and gaps between teeth. In this method, a special resin material is applied to the tooth surface to achieve desired aesthetic corrections. Due to its ability to provide a natural appearance and durability, composite bonding is one of the most preferred cosmetic dental treatments.

The treatment using composite resin is quite simple and painless. While it is more cost-effective compared to procedures involving aesthetic interventions with materials like Porcelain Veneers, composite bonding costs vary depending on the number of teeth treated, the scope of the treatment, the quality of the materials used, and the experience of the dentist.

Composite bonding costs fluctuate based on factors such as the number of treated teeth and the scope of the treatment. The scope of the treatment is crucial in determining the price. The number of teeth to be treated, overall oral health, and the application area can affect the cost. Additionally, using more durable and natural-looking materials may increase the cost of the treatment. Generally, the costs for composite bonding treatment vary based on location, the experience of the dentist, and the scope of the treatment.

Worldwide, composite bonding treatment costs vary from country to country. This variation is associated with the overall cost of living and healthcare service standards of the countries. Composite bonding treatment costs range from £100 to £500 worldwide. The costs are approximately as follows:

How Much Do Composite Bonding Costs in UK?

Composite Bonding Name City Cost
GC Composite London £195
Ivoclar Composite Manchester £275
Nano Composite Bristol £192

How to calculate Composite Bonding costs in Turkey?

Using Dentafly Call Center, you can reach and share your teeth photos with sales specialists. They will send your photos and general information to asistants of doctors. Dentists will evaluate the case and they will calculate official prices. 

  1. Send teeth photos or X-Ray to dental assistants as shown in photo guided.
  2. Get your price quote in 1 day and tell date interval to visit clinic.
  3. Sales specialists will contact with all inclusive hotels and book for you without any deposit payment.
  4. When you arrive clinic, dentists will check treatment plan again. Patients never pay extra for same treatment plan.
  5. Treatment will completed in 6 days with digital smile design technology.

The cost of Composite Bonding in United Kingdom vs Turkey

What is the difference composite bonding costs in USA and Turkey?