Zygomatic Implant Treatment
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1) 3D X-Ray

3D X-Ray step is very helpful to detect condition for tissues and bones.


2) Zygomatic Implant Placing

Implant placing takes 6 mins per dental implants by the help of digital dentistry.

zygomatic after 3 months later implants

3) Temporary Teeth

Temporary teeth are placed in the mouth on the day the implant is placed.

final result

4) Final Results - Smile Makeover

After 3 months, the implant adapts to the gums. Temporary teeth are replaced by real teeth.

This is applied when the bones and teeth are lost.

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    What is
    Zygomatic implant treatment?

    Zygomatic implants are placed in the upper jaw when there is insufficient bone to support ordinary implants. They provide great support for bridgework where there has been a substantial amount of bone loss from the upper jaw, and ordinary implants could not be used on their own to support a bridge. Bone atrophy is a natural phenomenon that occurs after the extraction of teeth, and which is exacerbated over time due to wearing a denture.

    Dental implant is also known as an intraosseous implant. A dental implant is a medical product that is surgically placed in the jawbone to support dental treatments.