All on Six Treatment in 4 Steps

3D XRAY Step for all on six antalya

1) 3D X-Ray

3D X-ray and Tomography detects all issues. Bone level and tissue measurements can scan easily by this step

all on six implant placing same day

2) Implant Placing


Our surgeons and cosmetic doctors place per implant very easily. Thanks to the digital implantology tech that we are using in Antalya 2022.

temporary teeth for all on six

3) Temporary Teeth

⏰ Same Day Temporary Teeth Ready

These are operations that can be performed on the mouth and jaw area by a surgeon. Temporary teeth are produced specifically for each patient. It does not cause discomfort like false palates. DentaFly always considers patient comfort.

smile makeover all on six process

4) All on Six Smile Makeover | Result

⏰ 3 Months Later

After 3 months later, our cosmetic dentist removes temporary teeth. Then design smile aesthetic procedure and prepare the best smile design with patient. This process takes only one day thanks to the technology used in Dentafly.

All on Six Treatment Steps in Antalya DentaFly

As Dentafly Dental Clinic, we all just focused digital dentistry since 2005. Our cosmetic dentists have been completed thousands processes until today. This techniques provides us to complete a case in 4 steps.

How we perform All on 6 process in 4 Steps? 

1st Step : 3D X-RAY

3D Xray all on six
3D Xray all on six

3D X-RAY: This step takes 15 minutes. Dentist can detect any issue on mouth and teeth. Our surgeons check 3D X-ray to detect biting problems. Our cosmetic dentists check teeth for shaping, color specif