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digital smile design in Antalya
digital smile design in Antalya

Digital Smile Design in 4 Steps

smile design Antalya
  1. 3D X-Ray

3D X-ray and Tomography detects all issues. Bone level and tissue measurements can scan easily by this step

smile design teeth preparation process

2) Teeth Preparation

These are crowns made of zirconium on the outer surface of the tooth.

Smile Design 3rd Step in Antalya

3) Digital Smile Design

These are operations that can be performed on the mouth and jaw area by a surgeon.

Smile Design 4rd Step

4) Digital Glass Ceramic Crowns

This is applied when the natural whiteness of the tooth is lost.

Digital Smile Design Steps in Antalya DentaFly

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    As Dentafly Dental Clinic, we all just focused digital dentistry since 2005. Our cosmetic dentists have been completed thousands processes until today. This techniques provides us to complete a case in 4 steps.

    How we perform digital smile design in 4 Steps? 

    1st Step : 3D X-RAY

    Smile Design Process in Antalya
    Smile Design Process in Antalya

    3D X-RAY: This step takes 15 minutes. Dentist can detect any issue on mouth and teeth. Our surgeons check 3D X-ray to detect biting problems. Our cosmetic dentists check teeth for shaping, color specify, tissue and detect bone level values. These all provides a comfortable process in digital smile design. Guests name for the smile line is the lip line. Lip line is classified as high, moderate, or low. High lip lines show the gums more than needed. In low lip lines, the upper lip curves downward, allowing only two-thirds of the upper teeth to be visible. So, the lip line is expected to be moderate for an aesthetic smile.

    2nd Step : Teeth Preparation

    Smile Design Antalya Teeth Preparation
    Smile Design Antalya Teeth Preparation

    Teeth Preparation: Same Day (Day 1ST)

    After 3D X-Ray process, Our dentists are starting to prepare teeth for the result. This steps can managed by several dentists in Dentafly. Cosmetic dentist shape teeth and prepare teeth for smile design process.

    3rd Step : Digital Smile Design

    Smile Design Digital Simulation
    Smile Design Digital Simulation

    Digital Smile Design: 4 Hours (Day 2ND)

    Cosmetic dentists and patient decide the best smile line and colors on simulation. In this step patient can see the optimum results in DentaFly. 100% Digital Dentistry methodology helps doctors in this step. They can detect all issues and alternatives in computer simulation step. Patient can tell views so there is no any surprise and fails in digital dentistry smile design methodology.

    4TH Step: Digital Smile Design

    Smile Design Result in Antalya
    Smile Design Result in Antalya

    Digital Smile Design: 3 Days Later Cosmetic dentists and patients design teeth together. There is no any surprise and unwanted designs by this tech. Patients get what they see in the following day.

    Labiodental Relationship between the Lower Lip and the Upper Front Teeth: This shows how much contact the upper front teeth are in with the lower lip. The teeth may touch the lip, not touch it, or completely cover it. For an aesthetic smile, the front teeth should slightly touch the lower lip.

    Patients are examined under clinical and radiographic conditions. If there is any problem in the teeth or gums, the necessary intervention is performed. Photographs of the patien