Dental Implant Treatment
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3D Xray

1) 3D X-Ray

3D X-Ray step is very helpful to detect condition for tissues and bones.

implant placing

2) Implant Placing

Implant placing takes 6 mins per dental implants by the help of digital dentistry.

temporary teeth

3) Temporary Teeth

Temporary teeth are placed in the mouth on the day the implant is placed.

4 after implant treatment

4) Final Results - Smile Makeover

After 3 months, the implant adapts to the gums. Temporary teeth are replaced by real teeth.

This is applied when the natural whiteness of the tooth is lost.

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    What is
    implant treatment?

    Antalya is a significant city for Implant Treatment. As DentaFLY team, we treat patients from all over the world. We use the world’s leading brands in implant treatment. Our DentaFLY team includes certified dentists from these brands. This is called an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jawbone to regain function and appearance for any reason using materials suitable for the patient’s body.

    Dental implant is also known as an intraosseous implant. A dental implant is a medical product that is surgically placed in the jawbone to support dental treatments.

    Dental implants are evaluated in terms of their success in integration with the bone. Parameters like the products used, surgeon’s skill, and the patient’s health status are key success parameters for implant treatments.

    Implant Treatment

    The basic stages of implant treatment begin with placing the implant and end with crowns in the later stages. For an implant treatment to be successful, the specialists who apply the treatment have various methods developed based on their experience. As Denta FLY, we have combined nearly twenty years of experience with the leading brands around the globe and have moved them to an axis that emerges experience and quality products.

    How Do We Apply Implant Treatment in Antalya?

    1. General Check-Up: When a specialist makes a diagnosis for implant treatment, they ask some questions about general health and dental treatment. After these questions are answered, the case is evaluated from various perspectives. The treatment process begins upon detecting no objection to implant treatment.

    a. X-Ray: In a dental treatment, X-ray images give an overview of the patient’s teeth. However, following the latest contributions of technology to digital dentistry, DentaFLY takes examination one step further.

    With 3D imaging systems, we record 3D images of the tooth and jaw structure. After obtaining this image, the tooth and jaw structure is fully examined by the specialist dentist. To bring the image of the teeth to perfection in terms of naturalness and health, the specialist dentist takes special solution steps.

    b. Additional Treatments: Implant treatment may not always follow a clear process like eliminating a single tooth deficiency. In some cases, different treatments need to be applied to nearby teeth.

    Also, if more than one implant is made, the patient may want to have a more natural smile. In this case, a treatment plan is prepared for the application of additional treatments, like smile aesthetics, if needed. If a filling or root canal treatment is to be applied to other teeth, these procedures are done before the implant.

    There are also cases where implant treatment is diagnosed but not applied for a long time. Such cases may involve disorders in various organs like the stomach, heart, or liver. Therefore, implant treatment is the primary treatment method in dentistry.

    So, when performing this phase, we guide our patients according to their own health conditions. Most patients want to have procedures like root canal, teeth whitening, and smile aesthetics completed at once, for understandable reasons. However, in such cases, the specialist dentist needs to decide which treatment should be the priority.

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      Implant Treatment

      In implant treatment, the implant brand is decided together with the opinions of the patient and the dentist. The chosen brand does not change the stages of implant treatment. At this stage, some decision mechanisms like compatibility with bone and the healing process are taken into consideration when choosing an implant.

      2. Implant Treatment Process:  After local anesthesia, the dental implant is placed in about 15 minutes. When the implant becomes compatible with the bone and the healing process is completed, an infrastructure is formed for tooth placement. The implant can be thought of as a tooth root.

      a. Implant Placement: At DentaFLY, our expert surgeon places the implants of our patients. This process takes about 15 minutes. Then, our personnel make some suggestions to the patient for the implant to be healthy.

      The implant is checked by our specialist dentists at various intervals from 2 to 3 months. During this process, stitches are removed and other check-ups are performed. When the tooth roots become completely healthy, tooth placement and crown processes are started.

      b. Crowns in Implant Treatment: Implant treatment may not always be a clear process of eliminating a single tooth deficiency. In some cases, different treatments need to be applied to nearby teeth.

      When the implant becomes completely healthy, zirconium crowning is performed. Then, various procedures are performed to restore the natural appearance of the teeth. As DentaFLY, we provide a healthy appearance in a very short time with crowns produced in our own institution.

      The crowns are produced after measuring the teeth. Each crown is produced in measurements suitable for the patient’s teeth and mouth structure. As DentaFLY, we produce dental crowns specific to each patient in our own laboratory.

      Zirconium determines how the teeth look. So, it is crucial that the zirconium crown be made in a suitable size for the tooth. Also, in zirconium crowns, using colors compatible with other teeth is a key element that makes the teeth look good in terms of smile aesthetics.

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        Dental Implant Costs

        2022 implants price list in Turkey

        Dentafly Dental Implant Prices
        Brand Name Price Clinic Origin
        StraumannBLX 690£ Dentafly Swiss
        Hiossen 500£ Dentafly United States
        Nobel 570£ Dentafly Sweden
        Straumann Medentica 500£ Dentafly Brazil

        We provide all the necessary conditions for you to receive the best treatment for you. As DentaFLY, every member of our team will make efforts to give you the best treatment.

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