All on Four Treatment in Turkey - 4 Steps

All on Four Antalya page was prepared to answer all the questions in one place due to the large number of applications to our clinic in Antalya. You can forward your questions about All on 4 treatment to the doctors from this section.

All On Four 3D Xray
  1. 3D X-Ray

3D Xray helps to view issues on bones and jaws before all on four treatment.

same day all on four implant

2) Dental Implant Placing

Our surgeons and cosmetic doctors place per implant very easily. Thanks to the digital implantology tech that we are using in Antalya 2022.

temporary teeth all on four

3) Temporary Teeth

These are operations that can be performed on the mouth and jaw area by a surgeon. Temporary teeth are produced specifically for each patient. It does not cause discomfort like false palates. DentaFly always considers patient comfort.

all on four result after 3 months

4) Al on Four Smile Makeover | Result

After 3 months later, our cosmetic dentist removes temporary teeth. Then design smile aesthetic procedure and prepare the best smile design with patient. This process takes only one day thanks to the technology used in Dentafly.

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    All on Four Treatment Steps in Antalya DentaFly

    As Dentafly Dental Clinic, we all just focused digital dentistry since 2005. Our surgeons have been completed thousands of patient’s all on four treatment. We focus on using only quality products so that Dentafly Clinic has a top-notch all-on-four experience. For this, we work with 100% digital surgical devices and surgeons who are competent in digital dentistry.

    How we perform All on 4 process in 4 Steps? 

    1st Step : 3D X-RAY

    all on four first step implant dentafly
    all on four first step implant dentafly

    3D X-RAY: This step takes 15 minutes. Dentist can detect any issue on mouth and teeth. The use of 3D Xray is the beginning of the examination for All on Four treatment, as in smile design and implant treatment. At this stage, it is checked what kind of problems there are in the teeth of the patients that are different from the ones seen. The surgeon evaluates the conditions and possible complications in the gums and roots before the operation. Thus, it is ensured that the patient gets rid of surprises and coincidental bad experiences.

    The 3D images of the patients are used both during the surgical intervention and in the teeth to be produced for them. Dentafly transmits the images at this stage to the patient along with the guarantee paper. The sensitivity in this situation is completely designed for patients coming from abroad to have an undoubted and comfortable experience.

    2nd Step : All on Four Implant Placing

    all on four implant placing
    all on four implant placing

    Implant Placing: Same Day (Day 1ST)

    After using 3D X-Ray, the surgical team examines the gums and roots. Then, he recommends the appropriate implant model and brands to the patient. After the decision is made with the patients, surgical intervention begins. As Dentafly, we use 100% digital systems when performing surgical interventions on patients in our branch in Antalya.

    X-Guide All on Four techniques and advanced surgical devices focus on providing a comfortable time for the patient at every stage. With the start of All on Four treatment, the intervention to be made on the teeth and gums is planned by the surgeon.

    At this stage, a demo session is held and the patient is told about the intervention and how long it will take. If the patient does not want an additional intervention such as general anesthesia, all on four implant placement will wait on the same day.

    3rd Step : Temporary Teeth to use 3 Months

    all on four temporary teeth
    all on four temporary teeth

    Temporary Teeth for All On Four: Same Day (1St Day or Day 2ND)

    All on Four is the placement of four rows of implants in the jaw and the implementation of 10-12 teeth spread over the jaw. In this way, 4 implants are placed in the lower or upper jaw by the surgeon. Then, the patient’s implants are expected to heal.

    The healing process actually means that it becomes compatible with the gum and bone. In some cases, If the patient’s bone and gingival levels are good, loading can be done on the same day.

    However, in most cases, the patient’s implants are expected to fuse well within 3-4 months. During this time, clinics usually send patients to their country with a palate. However, in Dentafly clinic, the palate is not recommended for all on four treatments.

    Temporary teeth are made for the patient. It is not possible to understand these temporary teeth from the real tooth at a distance of 40-45 cm. Temporary teeth are produced on PMI 7 machines to ensure a good quality aesthetically and from materials compatible with the body.

    4th Step: All On Four Done – Smile Makeover

    all on four smile result
    all on four smile result

    All on Four Done : 3 Months Later Cosmetic dentists and patients design teeth together. There is no any surprise and unwanted designs by this tech. Patients get what they see in the following day. Dentafly Digital All on Four® system provides robust and unrivalled results. 

    Dentafly All on Four®

    in Antalya

    Before all on four treatment, patients may experience bone and gingival losses. This is due to the gum’s inability to hold onto a tooth root. If patients have lived without teeth for a long time, treatment should be continued with bone grafting and sinus lifting techniques.

    After the discovery of the all on four treatment by the Nobel company, a holistic view was brought to the classical implant method. Scientists have tried to present a stable dental implant in the entire occlusion.

    In this case, implants proportioned to each other at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees formed the basis of the all on four system. In addition, materials that we call the zirconium crown, which comes in a way that 10-12 teeth can be placed on these four implants, and that perform the same task as the tooth, are placed more easily and more durablely.

    Before all on four treatment, palate solution was recommended to every patient instead of waiting for healing in the areas called dentate maxilla and anterior maxilla. However, this was known to cause bone and tissue loss. For this reason, All on 4 treatment provides a very comfortable life for patients.

    What Do We Pay Attention to When Performing All on Four Treatment in Our Dental Clinic in Antalya? 

    All on Four system easier nowadays than the day it launched. As Dentafly Dental Clinic, our surgeons and cosmetic dentists are working together in Antalya. Digital dentistry launched many new and easy techniques for all on four. For example, surgeons can easily detect conditions before treatment by the help of 3D X-ray. They also can check bones and tissues when they are in all on four operation.

    Measurement and Quality: Angled placement of implants is no longer just about eye level. Doctors can easily measure angle of implants by 3D scanning. When the implants are not placed incorrectly, as a result of the 3-month healing period, failed implant cases will not be experienced.

    Treatment Process: All on 4 treatment process just takes 4 days in Antalya clinic. Digital dentistry allows surgeons about treatment estimation. Doctors can directly start operation and they can estimate the time to finish treatment. It usually takes 1-2 hours for digital all on four treatment.

    Smile Makeover for All on Four:  In the beginning of 2000s, All on Four was newbie for surgeons. After many cases and quality tests later, dentists use all on four everyday nowadays. After healing period, smile makeover process can designed with patients. The same treatment described in the smile design treatment is applied at the last stage of the all on four process.

    Which clinics are suitable for all on four in Turkey?

    Clinics with at least one surgeon and sedation center are suitable for All on Four treatment. It is necessary to have a fully equipped hospital for All on Four treatment in order to achieve good results in possible complications.

    Are there any alternatives to the All-on-Four treatment?

    Alternatively, All on Six or All on Eight treatments can be applied. The surgeon decides whether a treatment is eight or four after examining the 3D tomography.

    What is the All on Four Toronto Hybrid?

    The Toronto Bridge permanent prosthesis was designed and made for the first time in Sweden. It is fixed on implants, previously implanted using the All on 4/6 method. It consists mostly of 12 teeth (for 1 arch) connected with a small piece of artificial gum that forms the so-called collar (its features and advantages will be described below).

    The Toronto Bridge prosthesis is permanently attached to previously implanted implants (which is an advantage over other prosthetic solutions, as most permanent solutions are cemented).

    What is the difference between All on Four and implant treatment?

    All on Four implant is the placement of implants with positions suitable for the chin. Traditional implant treatment is the placement of an implant instead of a single tooth root. All on Four differs from classical implant treatment in that the dentist pays attention to the stabilization of all teeth. In addition, it allows the teeth to be made in the temporary process of the treatment to be compatible with each other in terms of load bearing.

    Do you need bone graft for All On 4(four)?

    In All on 4 treatments, bone graft and membrane process is applied in cases where the bone level is 4 mm below the position where it will be placed. This process increases the bone level to a value between 7.5-10mm. Due to the adaptation of the angled implants used by the model and technology, the compatibility of bone tissue and implant is stabilized in a short time.

    When is Sinus Lifting applied in the treatment of All on Four?

    In the treatment of All on Four, sinus lifting is performed, and when there is no bone in the anterior jaw, sinus lifting is performed. In this way, bone leveling is made suitable for all on four.

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    All on 4 Photos
    All on four before after and temporary photos
    • 1- 3D Xray Process
    • 2- All on Four Implant Placing
    • All on Four Permanent Teeth Photos
    All on Four Implant Price in Antalya / Turkey
    All on Four Implant Prices
    All on Four Implant Brands All on 4 Implant Prices
    Straumann All on Four 5000£
    Nobel All on 4 4000£
    Straumann Digital® 5500£
    Dentafly Smile Makeover® Nobel Implant 4200£
    Sinus Lifting 250£
    Bone Graft 450£

    Fees for bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures may vary from patient to patient. However, when you confirm the all on four treatment, you pay no more than a maximum of £750 additional fee. Please check All on Four Cost Calculator Tool

    Who are eligible for all on four dental implants?

    All on Four technique is eligible for patients who are toothless. Dentists can use still this techniques for patients badly broken down teeth or living anterior maxilla and bone density issues.

    Nobel Biocare launched the first time All on Four dental implant in the beginning of 90s. All on 4 can implement for frontal axes of any jaws with specialized implant products produced by implant brands. However surgeon dentists decide the case which patients are eligible for all on four or all on six treatment. All on four is not eligible for all patients who have toothless mouths. Dentists check bone levels and general health conditions at the same time.

    All on Four Before After Cases

    All on 4 Procedure in DentaFly
    all on four procedure in Antalya Dentafly Clinic

    All on Four Antalya

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    Designing a smile suitable for the face and lip structure.

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    How is the all on four treatment done?

    The All on Four treatment is completed when the implants are fully compatible with the jaw and tissue. For All on Four treatments, it is necessary to visit the clinic twice. During the first visit, the surgeon doctor checks the teeth in 3D at the first examination. All on four is applied when there are no teeth.

    However, when there are problems with the roots of the teeth, the doctor may recommend all on four. This situation shows that all on four treatment is not applied only in case of edentulousness. Sometimes, when there are problems that cannot be solved in the roots of the teeth, and in case of loose teeth while designing a smile, All on Four treatment is recommended by the surgeon doctor.