Smile Makeover in Turkey: Cost, Before After, Deals

Everyone dreams of perfect white and straight teeth. They want a billion dollar smile. A smile, that is so perfect that everyone’s attention is on you. As soon as you walk into some place such as a restaurant or a café, everyone realises your new teeth. Smile makeover in Turkey is both affordable and easier to achieve the perfect, white, natural looking, Hollywood Smile, and many more options are available for smile makeover in Turkey.

Smile Makeover in Turkey
Smile Makeover Story in Turkey

Smile makeovers in Turkey have redefined the dental industry. In Turkey, some of the Smile Studios are now using Digital Dentistry for perfection. It is easy to achieve what the patient desires of having. Whether you want a perfect white teeth that is straight and full mouth Hollywood Design or natural looking teeth smile makeover, clinics that are using Digital Dentistry in Turkey will be the best choice. 

Digital Dentistry uses digitised programs in every step. While the patient chooses their smile makeover, such as the design they want, whether It is Hollywood Smile Turkey Style or Natural White teeth, the designer will be with them and the dentist. The patient will decide everything in every step for their smile makeover.

digital dentistry Turkey in Smile Makeover
a view from smile makeover application

Smile Makeover in Turkey is affordable compared to the UK. The prices are 70% lower than the UK and clinics in Turkey are giving special discounts, free accommodation, and free transfers in Antalya/Turkey. The reason for going to Turkey for Smile Makeover is because they are using the best quality material and the doctors are extremely experienced. High quality materials are increasing the patients happiness and perfection of the smile makeover that they are getting. Experienced doctors and a good laboratory team within the same facility makes more room for patients to make adjustments at any time. There is no need to wait with a clinic that has their own laboratory. 

What are the steps of getting a Smile Makeover in Turkey?


  1. First step is to find the best clinic that is using the best quality material such as Digital Monolithic Glass-Ceramic Zirconia for smile makeover. In order to use this material, the clinic has to be adapted to Digital Dentistry. The zirconia come as blocks. The blocks are being carved according to the design in CAD/CAM machines. Unlike before, there is no need for an experienced porcelain technician to carve the teeth by hand. Everything is digitised for perfection. Before, the patient had to go to the clinic many times for the crowns for a smile makeover to fit perfectly. With Digital Dentistry, that is not a problem.

    1st Step in Smile Makeover
    1st Step in Smile Makeover
  2. The dentist will make an impression using a 3D camera, such as 3D Shape, to start the design on the computer. 3Shape is a computer system incorporating cutting-edge CAD-CAM technology. Using special cameras, the condition of the tooth to be restored is checked and measurements are taken, and the data acquired is then transferred to the 3D digital environment. Our dentists will then create a dental design digitally according to the patient’s wishes. Utilising the 3Shape system, It is possible to create a lasting, new smile quickly.

    2nd Step Teeth Preparation
    2nd Step Teeth Preparation in Smile Makeover
  3. In order for the CAD/CAM machine to carve the block according to the design, the designer team in the laboratory designs the teeth just as the patient’s request for their smile makeover. The designer team is always with the patient to help patients make decisions and take note to design the exact same smile makeover that the patients are looking for such as natural design but Hollywood Style white, or Hollywood Design but natural white color, and so on.

    3rd Step: Digital Smile Design in smile makeover
    Smile Makeover in Digital Smile Design Process
  4. After the design is completed and the CAD/CAM machine has carved the teeth from the Digital Monolithic Glass-Ceramic Zirconia blocks, laboratory technicians prepare the crowns to be fitted to the patients’ mouth. The technician who was in charge of the smile makeover and the designer are going to the dentist’s room to see everything and talk with the patients to learn what the patient thinks. In case the patient is absolutely satisfied, the dentist does not cement the teeth permanently. This part is a rehearsal for the patient to tell what the patient thinks about the smile makeover.If the patient is not absolutely satisfied with every part, whether it is the design, shape, or the colour, the technician and the designer takes notes to make the smile makeover of the patient perfect. The patient will have a chance to make adjustments before the smile makeover is permanently cemented to their teeth. The laboratory team makes the necessary changes until the patient is absolutely satisfied with their smile makeover in Turkey. Your teeth in turkey is ready now!

    Smile makeover in Turkey: All Steps
    Smile Design in Turkey

Help of Digital Dentistry to Smile Makeover in Turkey at Dentafly

Full mouth smile makeover is not something every clinic can easily accomplish. It is important to use the Digital Dentistry System for Smile Makeover to complete the patients treatment within one week and achieve satisfying results that are intertwined with each other. If the laboratory is within the facility, the satisfaction rate and the speed of the treatment is important for the patients. Going to Turkey means leaving responsibilities behind while getting a smile makeover. It is important to choose the correct clinic that will listen to you to learn about your dream smile makeover and accomplish within a week.

Digital dentistry in Turkey
Digital dentistry in Turkey

Using a completely digital environment, the patient does not have to get their teeth shaved down like it was done many years ago. Digital Dentistry allows the Smile Makeover to be done with minimum preparation of the teeth and perfect fit with the gums. The gums are not getting irritated during smile makeover because the digital design is made to fit just like the patients’ teeth. This reduces the possibility of getting swollen gums or infection while getting a smile makeover in Turkey at Dentafly. 

Watch Smile Makeover review from Foster family in our Youtube channel.

There are many clinics in Turkey that offer Smile Makeovers but that does not mean that they are all good. Doing research and learning about the products that a clinic is using, whether or not they are working with Digital Dentistry, and have experienced dentists is important. Make sure to choose a correct clinic for Smile Makeover in Turkey at Dentafly for a smooth treatment and holiday. You can contact us about booking and your questions for 2023 by this link, https://dentafly.com/contact-us/

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MSc. Dt Soner Arikan

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Gazi University in 2004. He has worked on Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Cad/Cam dental treatments, and smile designs. He has been a certified dentist for brands like Nobel Biocare Swedish Implant, Bego German Implant, I-System Screwless Implant, and Straumann Swiss Implant since 2006.