New Teeth in Turkey: Costs, Packages, Procedure 2024

New Teeth refers to the implant and the coatings that come over the implant. If there is no need for implants, only the veneers are referred to as new teeth.

We have all seen news reports about celebrities, socialites, and millennials travelling to Turkey or other nations with comparable dental care systems. How healthy are they for your body, though? What steps are involved? What may develop over time? Is it a false advertisement? This type of care is not something we provide. However, I’d want to provide you with some unbiased information for anyone thinking about this sort of operation.

teeth in Turkey
One of our patient who got new teeth in Turkey

The first thing you probably want to know is “how much are full mouth dental implant prices in Turkey” if you’ve read this article. Price ranges for whole mouth dental implants in Turkey range from 1900 euros to 10,000 euros. Total cost-cutting strategy and product brand. Dental implants are made of metal and are implanted surgically into the jawbone behind the gums. Your dentist can attach substitute teeth onto them once they are in position. Patients feel great relaxation knowing that full-mouth dental implants are permanent. Their life may resume as usual with full-mouth dental implants, including eating the foods they enjoy without limitations and participating in social situations at meals without worrying about slippage. 

Who Needs to make Teeth Implant?

In our dental clinic in Turkey, patients typically require tooth extractions for one of two reasons: severe decay or bone loss due to periodontal disease. Thankfully, it is no longer the case since we have gone a long way. Dental implants, which may be used to replace one or more teeth, are often the best option for missing teeth replacement. It enhances life quality; it is long-lasting; it protects remaining teeth; it seems natural and won’t decay. Why did you pick it? Learn about Dental Implant Treatments Cost in Turkey.

Turkish whole mouth dental implants seem miraculous for those who miss most or all of their teeth. Full mouth dental implants are not only permanent but also look and feel natural. Because patients choose full-mouth dental implants over dentures, let’s explore full-mouth dental implants. If you have no teeth left, whole mouth dental implants may be one of the finest options. You know about some of the drawbacks of using dentures if you know the agony and shame associated with tooth loss.

What Are The Options for Full Mouth Teeth Implants in Turkey?

Patients frequently choose full mouth dental implants as a treatment option for the following reasons:

  • Full mouth dental implants are a long-term substitute for missing teeth, as opposed to dentures, which may be taken out at night and during the day, or bridges and crowns, which may require regular upkeep and replacement. Turkish dental implants are long-lasting since they are inserted into the jaw bone directly. Therefore there is no need for glue, removal, or rigorous cleaning as with dentures.
  • Dental implants are always stable because they are affixed directly to the jawbone. They are fixed and feel and look like your real teeth; you won’t even remember they are there before long! The connection framework and clasps that are frequently included with dentures make them appear attractive, but there is a chance that they might slide, making patients feel self-conscious and making them avoid certain foods.
  • In many areas, including dental and bone health, whole mouth or complete set dental implants are preferable to dentures. One danger of dentures is that they can lead to bone loss, resulting in serious complications with the jaw bone and more serious dental disorders. However, because dental implants are a part of the jaw bone, your bone health is never jeopardized.
  • Compared to dental implants, whole mouth or full set dental implants are poorly maintained. Since the implants are permanently affixed to your bone, they cannot be removed for maintenance, support, or replacement. With implants, you care for them just like your natural teeth would by brushing and flossing twice daily.

A free quote (a treatment plan) can be presented during the contact with the patient. Look for Antalya Implant Treatment Cost in Turkey online at the Denta Fly Website.

new teeth in Turkey
new teeth in Turkey

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    How Much Does Teeth Cost in Turkey?

    Unlike removable dentures, full arch dental implants put into your jawbone that work like natural, healthy tooth roots are the only treatment that can completely replace all of your failing or missing teeth, restoring the natural beauty, health, and function of your smile. With our personalized surgical guidelines, we’ll do this procedure using minimally invasive methods that most of our patients need a local anaesthetic to feel comfortable. Procedures at our dental clinic can take three months to complete. cost of a dental implant in Turkey is between $550 and 950 US dollars depending on the patient’s preferences.

    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Turkey
    oral maxillofacial surgery in Turkey
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Turkey

    Full Mouth Dental Implant Advantages

    Regarding dental implant surgeries, Istanbul has long been one of the most sought-after locations worldwide among medical tourists. While the prices at our clinics can be as much as 70% less expensive than those at your local clinics, the quality of the procedures is on par with or better. This results from dental clinics’ excellent customer service, utilization of cutting-edge technology, reasonably reasonable prices, and accessibility to affordable dental treatment. 

    It’s because Istanbul has a lower cost of living than other cities. As a result, labor expenses and dentists’ incomes are also cheaper. Rents and utility costs have decreased significantly, which has resulted in a large decrease in the clinics’ fixed expenses. Additionally, tax rates in Istanbul, particularly for dental clinics, are much lower than those in Europe or North America. Avail the best Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Turkey only at Dental Fly.

    Full Mouth Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey

    Antalya is one of your finest alternatives if you need dental work done and are considering travelling for both health and vacation purposes, as the city has a lot to offer in terms of history and natural beauty. The accessibility of Antalya will appeal to tourists. One of the busiest airports in the area is located in Antalya, which is situated in the middle of several major worldwide cities. It offers direct flights to several European and Mediterranean destinations. Turkish Airlines‘ regular, direct flights from Antalya Airport make it simple to travel to more than 120 locations worldwide. 

    Additionally, Antalya is a popular tourist destination that draws millions of visitors annually from more than a hundred countries. It’s fantastic for solo or group travel, but it’s especially great if you wish to receive medical care and then go abroad before or after. Additionally, our clinics in Antalya, both public and private, employ a staff of highly skilled and knowledgeable medical experts, including physicians, paramedics, and medical secretaries who have accumulated expertise over time. For this reason, many tourists visit Antalya to combine health travel with an unforgettable holiday.

    Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey
    dental treatment cost in Turkey
    Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey

    How to progress Surgery Roadmap?

    The majority of patients require two surgical operations for the installation of dental implants. Implants are first inserted into your jawbone. The implants gradually attach to the jawbone for the first three to six months after surgery while hidden behind the gum line. During this period, the patient should be able to use temporary dentures and consume a soft diet. The Turkish dental facility doctor is also simultaneously creating new replacement teeth.

    The second stage starts once the implant has fused to the jawbone. The dentist will expose the implants and secure tiny posts, which stick out through the gums and serve as anchors for the false teeth. These posts won’t be seen until the fake teeth are in place. The whole process often takes a little while. The majority of patients only have minor disruptions to their normal routines. Get New Teeth in Turkey at Dental Fly.

    What happens before the full mouth dental implant surgery?

    The planning phase will now begin. Your dentist in the dental clinic in Turkey will now perform several tests. Your mouth will be examined to see whether it is suitable for implants. Your mouth, jaw, and gums should all be visually inspected by the dentist. The dental surgeon can rapidly determine where to place the dental implant using X-rays. He will also be able to see if your jawbone is sufficiently supported. You and the surgeon may now decide on the procedure’s date once these details have been settled and sealed. 

    The speed of mending depends on how strong and healthy your bone is. Full recovery might take up to 4 months. The dental implant should be united with the bone after the allotted time. Avoid applying too much pressure or stress to the implant site to ensure the success of the dental implants. Just be careful not to over stress It while it is healing. Keep all of your scheduled dental appointments. Check-ups afterwards are essential!

    The dental implant must not be under pressure or force while it heals. To make sure there is no infection at the surgery site and that healing has taken place, follow-up sessions are frequently scheduled at the dental clinic in Turkey. The dental implant will be examined after the specified amount of time. Your dentist will monitor the implant to see whether it was effective and whether the surrounding bone could integrate nicely.

    Implant Treatment Cost in Turkey
    dental implant view on the beach of Turkey landscape
    Implant Treatment Cost in Turkey

    What are the advantages of dental implants in Turkish clinics?

    Dental implants are more dependable and long-lasting than restorative alternatives like removable dentures or cemented-in crowns and bridges.

    a patient got his new Teeth in Turkey
    Get new Teeth in Turkey

    Implants can permanently repair the loss of teeth. Dental implants provide a solid and cavity-resistant basis for dental bridges and crowns when supporting them due to repeated tooth loss. Although several treatments are available to replace lost teeth, none have been demonstrated to be as durable and functionally successful as dental implants. Here are some arguments in favour of dental implants:

    • A Revitalized Spirit Of Assurance And Well-Being
    • Stunning Teeth That Won’t Lose Their Strength Or Decay
    • The Capacity To Enjoy Your Preferred Meals Comfortably
    • Improved Oral, Jawbone, And General Health
    • A Vastly Improved Standard Of Living

    The shaving-down treatment will harm your natural teeth if you travel to Turkey for dental replacement. Your new teeth might not reach the gum line, which increases the danger of plaque and gum disease. Additionally, the likelihood of future root canals and sensitive teeth is increased because the enamel has been removed. Do your homework if you’re considering getting new teeth in Turkey. The proper questions are: What material are the teeth made of? Since when do they do this procedure? What percentage of them succeed? Do they possess proof of a ruling body? What percentage of attempts fail? Find New Teeth Reviews in Turkey today at Denta Fly.

    Investigate a dentist if you locate one whose appearance you like. Check out reviews. Has the business taken down unfavourable comments? A UK dentist may have written reviews. Look for them. Trustpilot, Google, Facebook, and, most importantly, don’t trust the hype of online socialites; instead, get dental counsel so that you may make an informed choice. Here is information on our services and costs if you consider obtaining full arch dental implants rather than having crowns installed in Turkey (or a comparable nation).


    Our dental assistants will stay in touch with you until you arrive at the Turkish dental facility. We’d be delighted to meet you. To make an appointment, complete the form below or call our office. Finding the ideal grin should be simple. For your convenience, dental clinics in Turkey provide a variety of dental implants. Your dentist will work closely with you to determine the best match for you.

    We concentrate on robotic implant technology at Denta FLY. Our three-story clinic concentrates on dental procedures, including oral and dental surgery, implant therapy, and smile aesthetics. We design therapy primarily for the happiness of our patients worldwide and those residing in Antalya.

    Because of the insight and knowledge of our experts, who have treated countless patients, we prioritise each stage of the therapeutic process. Following the completion of the treatment planning, our specialized doctor informs the patient about the course of the treatment. Then, information is exchanged on the circumstances both before and after the therapy. Please visit the website now and learn about New Teeth Cost in Turkey.

    MSc. Dt Soner Arikan

    He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Gazi University in 2004. He has worked on Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Cad/Cam dental treatments, and smile designs. He has been a certified dentist for brands like Nobel Biocare Swedish Implant, Bego German Implant, I-System Screwless Implant, and Straumann Swiss Implant since 2006.