Dental Treatments in Turkey: 10 Top Tips You Need to Know

A full guide what do you need to know about dental treatments in Turkey. When people hear about dental treatments in Turkey, some think of the bad “Turkey teeth” that they have seen on the news. There is a fact in the news about Turkey teeth. There are many dental clinics in Turkey that do not know how to do crowns, veneers, laminate veneers, dental implants, and many more treatments.

Even if they are working with good prosthetic dentists and dental implant surgeons, they are using low quality materials and local or far-East branded dental implants. They are focusing on the profit making side of the dentistry business and they do not care about the health of the patient. 

a happy journey to dental treatment in Turkey
a happy journey to dental treatment in Turkey

Those clinics aside, we are here at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio do not work with low quality material, low quality brands, local dental implant brands, or far-East dental implant brands. 

It is known that new teeth in Turkey, teeth implants in Turkey, and veneers in Turkey are extremely fair priced and affordable compared to other countries. The view and the weather of Turkey is again much better than other countries. Especially here in Antalya, the weather is never cold so our patients will not want to wear layers. That is why, no matter the month, Antalya is the best place for dental treatment in Turkey. 

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    There is a lot of news about how Turkey is terrible when it comes to dental treatment via health tourism or even every kind of health tourism that is found in Turkey. The reason behind these rumours, news, and defamation is to stop people from going to Turkey for their new teeth, hair, or other aesthetic purposes.People from all around the world choosing Turkey means that the doctors are not going to have a lot of patient in the UK, USA, or anywhere around the world. 

    busting myths of news
    Fake news about treatments

    The quality of the dental implants in Turkey, dental veneers in Turkey, teeth implants in Turkey, and smile makeover in Turkey is known by thousands of people around the world. People are choosing Turkey because of affordable prices but the problem is that people are choosing clinics straightaway and they choose the cheapest dental clinics in Turkey. People are getting the idea that the dental treatment in Turkey is cheap so all of the clinics will be at the same high quality level. Not all the dental clinics in Turkey are focusing on the health of the patient. There are dental clinics in Turkey that are focusing on the profit side of the dentistry. Here at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, the first thing is the health of the patient. 

    People are choosing cheap clinics and the prosthetic works and dental implants they do are not perfect at all. Dental veneers in Turkey, dental laminate veneers in Turkey, dental implants in Turkey, and dental crowns in Turkey are not all made to the same standard. The material and the brand of the veneers, crowns, and laminate veneers are as important as the dental clinic’s adaptation to Digital Dentistry. Using Digital Dentistry means that the dental veneers in Turkey, dental crowns in Turkey, and dental laminate veneers in Turkey will be created perfectly and the patient will get to choose every part of their new teeth in Turkey. 

    Unlike the Turkey teeth people see on the news, here at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, we are not sending our patients back to their hometowns with disappointing results.  We have our own laboratory team within our dental clinics in Turkey so that we can make as many adjustments as the patient wants in order to achieve perfection. 


    How can you avoid such problems?

    Lack of communication from the beginning is one of the main problems when it comes to dental treatment in Turkey. During the communication with one of the patient coordinators, it is important to not to make any rush decision. There are many clinics that our patients can choose from for dental treatment in Antalya/Turkey. What can our patients do to avoid having their teeth shaved too much or get disappointed by the results are:

    how can you avoid such problems about dental treatment
    how can you avoid such problems about dental treatment


    • Do your research for clinics 
        1. Look at the reviews of the clinic that our patients are selecting or talking to. 
        2. Check the brands of dental implants in Turkey, dental veneers in Turkey, dental laminate veneers in Turkey, and dental crowns in Turkey. 
        3. Learn about the best dental implant brands 
    • Do not hesitate to ask questions
        1. The patient coordinator of the dental clinic has to answer all of the questions our patients have asked quickly. 
        2. Patient coordinators are responsible to help our patients with all their questions and requests
    • Ask for examples of the patients that had the treatment before you
    • Ask for a proper quote with everything about your dental treatment in Turkey is written down
    • Ask about the hotels that the dental clinic in Turkey is working with
    • Ask about the difference between laminate veneer, veneer, and crown. 
        1. The reason for this is that the patient coordinator must be able to explain patients the difference and which one fits for their case
    • Ask and research about the dental clinics in Turkey that have their own laboratory
      1. If a dental clinic has their own laboratory, this will increase the speed of our patients’ dental treatment
      2. Our patients will have no problem choosing thier own 
        1. New teeth design (It can be Hollywood Design Smile)
        2. New teeth shape (our patients can change the design, our patients will not need to stuck with the design, there will be more possibilities)
        3. New teeth colour (the colour will be the first thing that will represent the work done and our patients will use their new teeth in Turkey and everywhere they go for many years)


    Unlike other countries such as the UK or the US, here at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio in Turkey/Antalya, we do not make our patients wait for many days, weeks, or months to start their dental treatment in Antalya. There are a couple of ways that our patients can use to get in touch with us to start their dental treatment in Turkey/Antalya. 

    how to apply a clinic from Turkey for dental clinic
    how to apply a clinic from Turkey for dental clinic


    • Our patients can use our to apply:
      1. Website https://dentafly.com/ 
      2. Our patients can get in touch with one of our team-mates or patient coordinators through the intercom system built into our website. our patients can find it on the right bottom side of the page
      3. Our patients can use our WhatsApp line that can find on the right upper side of our web page
      4. Our patients can fill the blanks on the “Get Information for Appointment” form and we will get in touch with you
      5. Our patients can use our Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/dentafly/
      6. Our patients can use our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dentafly/


    These are some of the ways that our patients can use to get in touch with us to learn more about our dental clinic in Turkey/Antalya. After we make contact with each other, the rest is:


    • Planning
        1. We will ask our patients to send us photos of their teeth to prepare their plan and quote with the help of our head doctor and the examination doctor. 
        2. We will ask our patients if there is any
          1. Medication that our patients must use regularly
          2. Any allergies to anything and especially penicillin
          3. Whether or not our patients have had any kind of operation where our patients had general anaesthetic
    • Quotation
      1. After the head doctor and the examination doctor sends us the patient’s plan, we will prepare our patients’ quote.

    At this point, it is important for the patient to ask about the materials and the brands that a dental clinic is working with. We want from our patients that they cross match the materials and dental implants we use with their research. The patients will see that we are only working with the best dental implant manufacturers and best materials for smile makeover in Turkey.

    • Explaining the treatment procedure
      1. The patient coordinator that was settled to help our patients will explain to the patients the procedure of our patients planned treatment. 
      2. There are a couple of steps that are essential to the dental treatment here in Antalya/Turkey at Dentafly Dental Implants and smile studio. 

    How you can calculate cost of dental treatments in Turkey ?

    Calculating the cost of dental treatments in Turkey, like in many other countries, involves considering various factors. Here’s a general guide on how you can estimate these costs:

    1. Type of Dental Treatment
    The cost primarily depends on the type of dental treatment you need. Common treatments include teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, implants, and other procedures. Each has its price range.

    2. Clinic and Dentist’s Reputation
    The choice of clinic and the dentist’s expertise can significantly affect the price. High-end clinics in major cities or those with highly reputable dentists tend to charge more.

    3. Location of Dental Treatment
    The cost can vary depending on the city or region in Turkey. Istanbul, Antalya might have higher prices compared to smaller cities or towns due to higher operational costs and demand.

    4. Materials Used
    The materials used for treatments (e.g., ceramic, porcelain, composite for veneers, or the type of dental implant) can impact the cost. Higher quality or branded materials usually come at a higher price.

    5. Additional Procedures
    Sometimes, additional procedures are necessary (e.g., bone graft for an implant, root canal before crowning), which can add to the total cost.

    6. Insurance and Payment Plans
    Whether or not you have dental insurance that covers treatment abroad can affect your out-of-pocket expenses. Some clinics offer payment plans which can ease the financial burden.

    Steps to Calculate Cost:
    1. Identify the Treatment Needed: Research or consult with a dentist to understand the specific treatment you need.
    2. Get Quotes: Contact multiple clinics in Turkey for quotes. Many clinics offer online consultations and can provide estimates based on your case.
    3. Ask for Detailed Breakdowns: Request a detailed cost breakdown for each aspect of your treatment plan, including any additional procedures that might be necessary.
    4. Consider Travel Expenses: If you’re traveling from abroad, include travel, accommodation, and living expenses during your stay.
    5. Insurance and Discounts: Check if any part of the treatment can be covered by insurance or if the clinic offers any discounts for international patients.

    Online Tools and Resources
    Some websites and online platforms specialize in medical tourism and can provide estimates for dental treatments in Turkey based on your specific needs. They can also offer reviews and ratings of clinics and dentists, which can help in making an informed decision.

    Given the variability in individual cases and the dynamic nature of healthcare pricing, getting a direct consultation with the dental clinic remains the most accurate way to estimate costs. Dentafly launched an online All on Four Costs calculator tool for this reason. Patients can easily calculate their treatment costs in 2 steps.


    Every patient is different. This means that every treatment will be different. Most of All on System dental treatments in Antalya/Turkey at Dentafly progress is similar. 

    summart of dental treatment
    dental treatment in Turkey

    On the first visit, after the consultation, the treatment for All on 4/5/6/7/8 will begin with:

    1. Extraction of teeth (if there is any)
    2. Placement of the implants
    1. The implants will be placed at the same day right after the teeth extraction

    And the first day is finished. We will take our patients back to their hotels for them to rest and enjoy the weather of Antalya however they wish. They can go outside to walk around and see what Antalya offers them or sit at the reception and talk with other friendly people. On the next day:

    1. 3D mouth impression via 3Shape Digital Dentistry System
      1. We are working with fully digital dentistry systems. We are not using dental mould to make an impression on our patients. Dental moulds are uncomfortable for the patient whereas the 3Shape system is extremely comfortable and quick. 

    The data from the 3Shape Digital Dentistry equipment is sent to the laboratory team for designers to start designing the rehearsal temporary teeth. This design will be custom for every patients’ mouth system such as the jaw position, gum position and gum length. On the next day:

     2. We will see our patient for the rehearsal of their fixed and aesthetic temporary teeth. 

    • 2.1. We will test the biting position and the patient will try them on to see if they are comfortable.
    • 2.2.If they are comfortable, the patient will give us the okay and we will start producing the fixed and aesthetic temporary teeth that the patient will use for the next 3-6 months.

    It is important that the patient is comfortable with the fixed and aesthetic temporary teeth. We are custom designing each one of the temporary teeth to fit for the patient’s mouth system and for them to be comfortable until they are back for their second visit to complete their treatment. On the next day: 

     3. We will put the fixed and aesthetic temporary teeth and our patient will go home with a temporary but an aesthetic smile. 

    On the first appointment of the  second visit

    1. We will remove the fixed and aesthetic temporary teeth and do another 3Shape digital scan to start the permanent teeth preparation. 
      1. The patient will choose their design, shape, and color of their permanent new teeth. 

    After the patient is satisfied with their choice, we will again prepare a rehearsal temporary teeth. On the next day:

    1. We will place the rehearsal temporary teeth for patients to see the design and the shape. 
      1. At this point, the color will not be shown because of the material of the temporary teeth.
      2. At this point, the patient can make adjustments to their design and shape.
      3. If any adjustments are made, we will see another rehearsal for the patients’ satisfaction and to check the biting position and occlusion for a healthy mouth system. 


    When the patient is happy with their design and shape, we will prepare the permanent teeth. On the next appointment:


    1. Patients will see their permanent new teeth in their mouth.
      1. We will not permanently place the new teeth because:
        1. Patient will check whether or not they are happy
        2. We will check the biting position and the occlusion
    2. If the patient is happy with the design, shape, and the color of their new teeth, we will permanently place their new teeth in Antalya/Turkey. 




    Dental Panoramic X-Rays and 3D X-Rays are extremely important for both dental prosthetic doctors and dental implant doctors. With Panoramic X-Ray and 3D X-Ray, we are able to see everything that the mouth of the patient has in terms of any problems, abscess, infection, bone quality, bone level, bone width, bone length, and plan the treatment that is best fit for the patient. After a certain plan is set, the patient will not have to go to a dentist anymore, especially with All on System dental implant patients. 

    3d X-ray dental panoramic
    3d X-ray dental panoramic

    We are using Panoramic X-Ray and 3D X-Ray for consultation.The patient is accompanied by our examination doctor, dental implant surgeon, and a translator or their patient coordinator. Main focus of the consultation is to create the best and healthiest plan for the patient. After the best and the healthiest plan is set, we are asking the patients’ requests. If they are possible within the lines of mouth health and function, we can adjust the plan accordingly. If not, we will explain to the patient and adjust the plan close to the patients’ requests as much as it is possible within the lines of health and mouth function. 


    Antalya is the main attraction point of Turkey regarding dental treatment in Turkey. The reason behind this is the weather and the sightseeing opportunities. Antalya has beautiful hotels that are close to the sea and the rooms are all looking at the beautiful sea. 

    Other than the beautiful sea view, Antalya is extremely rich with ancient sites that our patients can see. Most famous of the ancient sites is the Old Town. It is now the centre of Antalya for entertainment, boat cruise, and many more activities that our patients can do. 

    hotel accommodations of Dentafly
    hotel accommodations of Dentafly

    We are welcoming our patients at the airport with our VIP cars. We have a couple of hotel agreements that are the best and most comfortable ones for our patients’ dental treatment in Antalya. Our patients will be given the names of the hotels that we have an agreement with and our patients will choose which ones they would like to stay during their dental treatment in Antalya. 

    VIP Transportation

    We are providing our patients with premium VIP transportation cars for their comfort. The interior of the premium VIP transportation cars are spacious so that they can stretch their legs after a long flight in an aeroplane that has no room for legs. 

    Our drivers will be waiting for our patients right outside of the gate with our patient’s name in their hands written on a paging board. Our drivers will pick our patients up from the airport and deliver to our patients designated hotel and help our patients with their check-in and their luggage.

    Dental treatments in Turkey essentials
    Turkey treatment essentials

    We will pick our patients up 10-30 minutes before our patients’ appointment time depending on the hotel that our patients have chosen to stay. After our patients’ appointment is completed, we will take our patients back to their hotels. 

    VIP transportation in Dentafly
    VIP transportation in Dentafly


    TOP 10 Tips to get Dental Treatments in Turkey

    Certainly! If you’re planning to undergo dental treatment in Turkey, here are some suggested tips to ensure a smooth and successful experience:

    1. Research Dental Clinics: Before making a decision, thoroughly research dental clinics in Turkey. Look for reputable clinics with positive reviews, experienced professionals, and appropriate certifications.
    2. Check Dentist Credentials: Verify the credentials of the dentists at the clinic, ensuring they have the necessary qualifications and expertise in the specific treatment you require.
    3. Ask for Treatment Details: Request detailed information about the proposed dental treatment, including the procedure, materials used, expected outcomes, and any potential risks or complications.
    4. Consider Treatment Costs: Clarify the overall cost of the dental treatment, including consultation fees, procedure costs, and any additional charges. Make sure there are no hidden fees.
    5. Understand Travel Logistics: Plan your travel logistics in advance, including flights, accommodation, and transportation to and from the dental clinic. Consider proximity to the clinic and ease of access.
    6. Language Considerations: Confirm that the dental clinic staff can communicate effectively in a language you are comfortable with. This is crucial for clear understanding and seamless communication during your treatment.
    7. Review Treatment Timelines: Discuss the expected timeline for your dental treatment, including the duration of each appointment and the overall treatment period. This helps in managing your schedule effectively.
    8. Verify Clinic Facilities: Ensure that the dental clinic has modern facilities and up-to-date equipment. This is especially important for treatments like dental implants, where advanced technology plays a significant role.
    9. Ask About Aftercare Services: Inquire about post-treatment care and follow-up appointments. A good clinic will provide guidance on aftercare and be available for any questions or concerns that may arise after the procedure.
    10. Emergency Procedures: Familiarize yourself with the clinic’s emergency procedures in case of unexpected complications. Know how to contact the clinic outside of regular hours and understand the available support.
    11. Insurance Coverage: Check whether your dental insurance covers treatments in Turkey. If not, explore options for international dental insurance or payment plans offered by the clinic.
    12. Consult with Your Local Dentist: Before making a decision, consult with your local dentist about your plan to undergo treatment abroad. They can provide valuable insights and advice based on your overall oral health.

    By following these tips, you can make informed decisions and ensure a positive experience during your dental treatment in Turkey.