What is
Teeth Whitening?

A beautiful smile increases self-confidence. With a healthy and aesthetic smile, people can gladly look into the mirror and most importantly, establish more positive relations with others. People who want to have a beautiful smile can achieve their desires thanks to the treatment methods of dentistry. Among these treatment methods, teeth whitening is one of the first to come to mind.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic solution that enables people who are uncomfortable with the color of their teeth to achieve their desired appearance. In teeth whitening, attention is paid to the balance of whiteness and naturalness of the teeth. The teeth can be colored by one or more shades according to patients’ expectations.

Patients who want to whiten their teeth are examined by specialist dentists. If any gum disorders or deformations like caries or fractures are encountered during examination, the patient is intervened. This intervention is done via white and pink aesthetic applications of dentistry.

How is Teeth Whitening
Treatment Performed?

Patients who want to whiten their teeth are examined by specialist dentists. If any gum disorders or deformations like caries or fractures are encountered during examination, the patient is intervened. This intervention is done via white and pink aesthetic applications of dentistry.

How Do We Apply Teeth Whitening in Antalya?

Before starting the teeth whitening procedure, we clean patients’ tartar and the residues between their teeth. After maximizing patients’ oral hygiene, photographs are taken. The current tooth color is determined. The patient and the dentist decide together how much whitening will be applied.

The desired whiteness is determined based on the profession, character, and physical characteristics of the patient. How many shades of whitening will be made directly affects treatment time.

Chemicals are used in teeth whitening. Of these chemicals in certain concentrations, the healthiest and safest is preferred. Which chemical agents to use depends on the treatment method. Lower concentration agents are used in home bleaching, while higher concentration agents are used in office bleaching, the fastest whitening method.

Home Bleaching

In this method, the dentist measures the patient’s mouth size. Then, they prepare a plate according to the measurement. The patient is given whitening gel syringes and the prepared plate.

For treatment, the patient is asked to pour the whitening gel onto the plate and place the plate in their mouth. This is often applied at night, while sleeping, and expert dentists decide how long it should be performed.

Until the desired shade is achieved, patients continue this practice at home with the control of the dentist.

Office Bleaching

In this method, higher concentration agents are preferred to achieve the desired whiteness faster. Also known as zoom whitening, this method uses laser light.

The patient’s gums are covered with protective materials to prevent damage from the laser. The dentist applies a whitening gel called hydrogen peroxide to the patient’s teeth. The whitening gel reacts to laser light beams and reaches the dentin layer of the tooth. As the whitening gel breaks down the dark pigments in the dentin layer, patients can get closer to white teeth.

Treatment time varies based on the desired shade and the sensitivity of the patient.

To achieve a more permanent bleaching, dentists may ask patients to practice home bleaching after office bleaching.

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    For Whom Teeth

    Whitening is Applied?

    Preferred particularly by actors/actresses and presenters, teeth whitening can be applied to all patients who are uncomfortable with their tooth color.

    However, there are also patient groups for whom teeth whitening is risky. This treatment is not recommended for patients with gum disease and pregnant or breastfeeding patients since it involves the use of chemicals.

    To achieve the desired whiteness, the actual tooth needs to be treated. So, teeth whitening is not applied in prostheses, crowns, or fillings.

    Is Teeth Whitening Painful?

    Teeth whitening is a painless treatment that is performed with auxiliary gels and under the control of a dentist. Some theories suggest that the fluids in the tooth canals dry up during teeth whitening. In dry teeth, sensitivity towards the tooth tips can be expected.

    Some patients can continue their daily life right after treatment, while others experience sensitivity in their teeth. This sensitivity is expected to go away in a few hours after the session.

    Does Teeth Whitening Harm the Teeth?

    Tooth enamel has a transparent and permeable structure. The color of the teeth originates from the dentin layer behind the tooth enamel. The bleaching products used in teeth whitening pass through the tooth enamel and react with the dentin layer to give the tooth its original color.

    This treatment breaks down the dark pigments in the dentin layer, but the tooth enamel does not undergo any intervention. So, teeth whitening performed under the control of a dentist does not cause any harm to the teeth.

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