All on Four Cost Calculation

All on Four Dental Implant Prices

Price informations of the best-selling all on four dental implants in 2024. Prices may vary by 1-2% when using credit card payments.

How Much Do All on Four Cost?

All on 4 Brand Cost
Neodent - AISER £3684
Medentika - Hiossen £3948
Straumann Group £3948
Sinus Lifting £350

How to calculate All on Four costs in Turkey?

Using Dentafly Cost Calculator, you can calculate your treatment price by choosing the implant brand, system, temporary tooth preference and payment method you want to use in your treatment.

  1. Select the system you want to use in your treatment and make your temporary tooth choice.
  2. Make your choice of implant brand and choose whether your treatment is for a one jaw or full mouth. At this stage, you can add a sedation option to your treatment. After choosing your payment method, you can perform the calculation.
  3. After calculating your treatment fee, you can contact us by entering your name, phone number and mail address in the form on the right.

The cost of All on Four in USA vs Turkey

Turkey has emerged as a leading destination for all on four, offering significant cost advantages compared to the United States.

In America, the cost of All on Four treatment is between $ 20,000 and $ 25,000 for a one jaw.

The cost of a one jaw All on Four in Turkey is between 7,500 – 9,500 dollars.

The price disparities are serious and the savings potential exceeds 70%. However, this affordable price does not require compromising on quality. Well-known Turkish clinics give priority to the use of first-class materials and ensure compliance with the strictest international standards by employing highly qualified dentists.

Beyond financial attractiveness, Turkey offers a unique opportunity for cultural interaction. Patients can discover fascinating history, vibrant traditions and delicious food while undergoing dental transformations. Understanding the possible concerns about language barriers and travel logistics, many clinics offer comprehensive support, including translation services and transportation assistance, to guarantee a smooth and stress-free experience.

Adopting smile transformation in Turkey means preferring empowerment, expertise and cultural interaction. It unlocks a future of newfound confidence and improved quality of life.

What is the difference all on four costs in UK and Turkey?

The all-on-four procedure, lauded for its efficiency and durability, offers a unique solution for full-arch restoration. Notably, Turkey presents a compelling financial advantage in this domain. While UK treatment costs typically range from a staggering £13,000 to £16,000 for one jaw, Turkish clinics offer the same procedure starting from a mere £1,800, with an average cost of £3,200 to £6,000. This translates to a potential saving of up to 70% or more, a figure not to be disregarded.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that such affordability does not equate to compromised quality. Turkish clinics prioritize unwavering quality, utilizing premium materials and employing highly skilled dentists who adhere to the most stringent international standards.