Hiossen, back in 2006, was founded by its parent company Osstem. Hiossen started researching and manufacturing dental instruments in 2007. Hiossen, emerged in Englewood Hills in New Jersey. They have dedicated employees that now have over 4500 operating in more than 40 countries and distributing to more than 70 countries. They are manufacturing and researching high-quality products to develop and advance dentistry. They are dedicated to easing the work of the dentist and increasing the comfort of the patient. 

They are focusing on developing scientifically proven technology. With their research team, they are advancing what was known best to the next level. With the help of their parent company, Osstem, they have a wide variety of archives that they can use to advance their technology. They have found higher-quality materials that will increase the osseointegration that lowers the healing period so that the restoration can be made earlier.

hiossen dental implant prices in Turkey
Hiossen dental implants in Turkey

Hiossen Implant Prices in Turkey

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EM Narrow Ridge


Implant Provisional


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Implant Systems in Hiossen Stocks

Hiossen has three four implant systems. 

  • ET III
  • ET IV
  • ET III 3.2
  • EM

ET stands for “Essential Treatment”. Essential, because they provide every instrument that a dentist or an implant surgeon will need to perform a healthy and successful operation for the patient. 

Hiossen is committed to its work with its ET system implants which have become one of the best dental implant systems in the industry. They have extensively researched for the best material, high quality, safe, and innovative implant systems.

Hiossen ET dental implant systems
Hiossen ET dental implant systems

Hiossen ET Implant System

There are three different ET implant systems at Hiossen. Their difference is because of their area of use. Hiossen is not only researching the best implants but the potential area of use to help everyone to take the advantage of Hiossen’s quality. 


Hiossen has developed ET III for all types of bone. It provides a wide variety of use cases. The tapered body is custom designed for it to be able to be used for patients who have weak bodies so that the implant can hold onto the bone or for patients who have healthy bone and can have successful immediate loading.

Hiossen ET Features
Hiossen ET Features

The ET III implants do not have a specific use case that they can be used. Their main use is to be sure about the health of the patient and use the full potential from their special surface that increases osseointegration for the comfort of the patient. 


Hiossen has developed ET IV specifically for patients with soft bones. The shape is similar to the natural tooth root, increasing the harmony of the implant to the bone. A higher torque is required to place the implant successfully into the bone. To not damage the already soft bone, this implant has a different tapered body to increase stability while not damaging the bone.

Hiossen dental implants in Turkey
Hiossen implants in Turkey

The ET IV is specifically designed and manufactured by Hiossen for patients with soft bones. Even though Hiossen ET III can be used for every type of bone, Hiossen wanted to create a specific set of implants and instruments to make sure the implant will be secured even if the bone is soft. 

ET III 3.2

Hiossen has developed ET 3.2 for narrow places such as the front part of the jaw where the bone and the teeth are thin. This implant is thinner compared to the other implant systems but the weight and pressure distribution are balanced so that the size does not matter. 

With the help of their special surface system, even thinner bodies and restrictive spaces are no longer a problem with Hiossen ET III 3.2 system implants. The aim of Hiossen was to bring successful implants with their SA surface to the small and restrictive areas. 


Hiossen has developed EM implants for the narrowest gaps and ridges. The installation of the implant is simple and provides maximum stability. The body and the threads of the implant is the main part that provides easy installation. The body and the threads allow the implant surgeon to correct the position of the implant while it is inside the bone to increase the successful installment of the implant and stability. 

The EM system implant has three different use cases. One of them is for the narrow ridges. EM Implant Provisional provides more stability and less stress for the other implants of the patients by having the stress of the provisional prosthesis to itself. 

The last one is used for denture-type implants. The main purpose of these implants is to be positioned under the denture and distribute the force and stress of chewing. 

Surface Features in Hiossen Implants

The surface is extremely important to increase the success chance of the implant. Hiossen has perfected its SA surface. They wanted more from the SA and kept digging through the methods and materials that will be even better than their award-winning surface material.

Hiossen Surface SA
Hiossen Surface SA

They have two different surface materials that they are using. One of them is SA and the new one that they launched back in 2016 is NH.

SA – Sand-blasted with Alumina and Acid-etched 

The roughness of the surface is calculated to the optimal level to increase the success percentage of the implant. The SA provides more available surface area for connection. This increases bone cell regeneration and bone healing by 20%. The response rate has increased by 20%. Initial stability, faster bone healing, and improved osseointegration are clinically proven. 


NH system combines Nano-Hydrophilic with Sand-blasted with Alumni and acid-etched system surface and biocompatible titanium build to create the maximum and optimum surface to increase osseointegration, immediate load, faster bone healing, and stability. 

Compared to SA, significant BIC – Bone to Implant Contact is seen during the trials and tests. The initial contact osseointegration has significantly increased as well. The bone of the patient has absorbed the coating layer much quicker which is increasing and allowing for an immediate load. Significant Improvements to BIC, the super hydrophilic bioresorbable apatite increases Bone to Implant Contact (BIC) by 39% compared to SA.


12% increase in platelet adhesion (better initial osseointegration) and a 12% increase in cell differentiation.

Ultra Thin Nano-Coating

Bioresorbable apatite coating is 10 nanometers thick. The thickness of coating layer is 5,000: 1

Bioresorbable apatite

Bone forms directly to the SA surface as the apatite layer is resorbed during osseointegration. After extensive research on NH system implants, Hiossen has successfully created an implant system that gives highly predictable results(Hiossen). The percentage of ISQ (Implants Stability Quotient) was taken into consideration in the clinical trials. From the beginning, the data is showing a strong and stable implant rate. The connection between the implant and the bone is immediate.


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