Best Dental Implant Prices in Turkey – 2023 Packages

Dental implant prices in Turkey starts from 350 GBP to 2500 GBP in clinics. Here at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, we do not work with far-East or local brands. We are only working with the implants that have an international guarantee for life. Implant guarantee in Turkey is something our patients are looking for before coming here. We are giving a lifetime of international implant guarantee for our patients directly from the implant company.

dental implant prices in Turkey
dental implant prices in Turkey

We have been working with Straumann for many years and we are officially authorised seller and certificated by them to use their Straumann BLX dental implants in Turkey. Our implant surgeons are experienced working with Straumann BLX dental implants. Our implant surgeons are qualified and experienced using Straumann BLX dental implants and the innovative new design with variable thread design, bi-directional cutting elements and fully tapered implant core (Straumann).

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    dental implant prices Turkey
    dental implant prices Turkey

    What makes Straumann BLX dental implants the best is the surface material. The material is called SLActive by Straumann dental implants. The surface increases the osseointegration to shorten the healing period for the patient’s bone. The SLActive surface and Roxolid material that is used to manufacture this implant combined with Straumann BLX dental implant and its dynamic bone management allows immediate restoration. This means that the patient does not have to come back and wait until the bone is healed. Dental implants can be immediately restored using zirconia veneers/crowns in Turkey in only one visit.

    dental implant process view in Turkey dentafly
    dental implant process view in Turkey dentafly

    We are also working with Hiossen dental implants. With Hiossen dental implants, again we are using their best implant type that is being used for immediate restoration. We are using Hiossen ET NH System dental implants in Turkey and we are the first and only one that is using Hiossen ET NH System dental implants in TurkeyThe NH of Hiossen ET NH System dental implant means that the surface is a combination of their SA System dental implants. NH system combines Nano-Hydrophilic with Sand-blasted with Alumni and acid-etched system surface and biocompatible titanium build to create the maximum and optimum surface to increase osseointegration, immediate load, faster bone healing, and stability.

    dental implants in Turkei
    dental implants in Turkei

    Importance of Significant Improvements to BIC 

    The super hydrophilic bioresorbable apatite increases Bone to Implant Contact (BIC) by 39% compared to SA.

    • Superhydrophobic

    12% increase in platelet adhesion (better initial osseointegration) and a 12% increase in cell differentiation.

    • Ultra Thin Nano-Coating

    Bioresorbable apatite coating is 10 nanometers thick. The thickness of coating layer is 5,000: 1

    • Bioresorbable apatite

    Bone forms directly to the SA surface as the apatite layer is resorbed during osseointegration.(Hiossen) We are working with Nobel Biocare and mostly with their Zygomatic Implants. For Nobel Biocare, back then it was called Nobelpharma, they have come a long way but they have had many innovative findings that have changed the path of dentistry for implant solutions. During their researches and clinical trials, they have realised that the titanium was inseparable from human bone after some time has passed. To get ahead of any kind of barriers such as bone loss or need to add bone grafts inside the bone, they have made the Zygomatic Implant. They have found Zygoma implants that use zygoma bone for support. 

    Nobel Biocare Active Implants are made especially for immediate function. They care about the patients’ time and they are not wasting any minute from the patients’ time.  Their purpose is to have satisfied customers and a lifetime of happy smiles. The surface and the threads are providing excellent stability that will create an environment where the time of the patient will be worthy and treatment will be completed shortly.


    Dental implant prices in Turkey:

    Standard Implant SLActive




    Standard Plus Implant SLActive




    Tapered Effect Implant  SLActive




    Bone Level Implant SLActive




    Bone Level Tapered Implant SLActive




    Immediate Restoration Implants
    Tissue Level Immediate SLActive




    Bone Level Immediate SLActive




    Nobel Biocare Implants

    Nobel Biocare £750
    Nobel Biocare – Alfa Bio £390
    Nobel Biocare Zygoma Implants £13500


    We are working with the brands that are in the top 5 in the world. Dental implant prices in Turkey are not expensive like other countries. Dental implant prices in Turkey are cheap and affordable for everyone because everyone deserves to have a healthy mouth system and the perfect smile that they are looking for with veneers.

    dentafly implants in Turkey
    dentafly implants in Turkey

    We are working with digital systems for dental implants in Turkey. We have our own laboratory inside our clinic. The implant surgeon has access to the patients X-ray and CT Scan at any time during operation. The implant surgeon finds the best bone quality of the patient for dental implants and places the implants. There is 2 reasons for this:

    1. For the dental implant to be stable
    2. For us to give fixed and aesthetic temporary teeth to the patient for All on System dental implants in Turkey.

    Dental implant prices in Turkey are affordable for everyone around the world. We are trying to help everyone to have a healthy mouth system and a smile that no one will forget. Using dental implant brands that have proven themselves to the world and offering dental implant prices in Turkey at Dentafly from an affordable price point is our vision and mission to help everyone around the world.

    dental implants Turkey
    dental implants Turkey

    We are working with highly qualified and  experienced dental implant surgeons in Turkey. We are sending them to the seminars and meetings of the brands that we are working with to keep our dental implant surgeons in Turkey up to date. There are new improvements every day and we are keeping up with every dental implant progress in Turkey at Dentafly. We are studying for our patients’ comfort and health everyday and Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio. 

    nobel biocare Turkey dentafly
    nobel biocare Turkey dentafly