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About Zirconium Crowns in Antalya DentaFLY Clinic

zirconium crowns Antalya

1st Step: 3D X-Ray

Designing a smile suitable for the face and lip structure.

zirconium crowns teeth shaving

2nd Step: Teeth Preparation

These are crowns made of zirconium on the outer surface of the tooth.

zirconium crowns after produced

3rd Step: Zirconia Crowns Producing

These are operations that can be performed on the mouth and jaw area by a surgeon.

zirconium crowns smile makeover

4th Step: Smile Makeover

This is applied when the natural whiteness of the tooth is lost.

    get free smile design consultation in Antalya Turkey
    get free smile design consultation in Antalya Turkey

    What is Zirconium Teeth?

    If the patient’s teeth has major fractures or caries, the most suitable application would be a crown application. Dental crown is a treatment method where the teeth are abraded to make them smaller and crowned with teeth prepared in zirconia.

    Dental crowns vary according to the infrastructure. These crowns can be metal, zirconium, or full ceramic. The infrastructure is decided based on the position of the patient’s teeth, their expectations for their new teeth, and the material cost.

    The substructure of zirconium glass ceramic crown is composed of zirconium.  Zirconium is a white-colored and highly resistant material.

    Zirconium is covered with zirconia and placed on patients’ teeth in its final form.

    Why Zirconium? What is Glass-Ceramic Zirconium?