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There are many dental clinics in Turkey and there are many stories of people who have gone to get their dental implants in Turkey.  Everyone’s experience is different due to the variety of products that are being used at the clinics in Turkey. People choose Turkey because of the experienced dentists and cheap prices. Most of the clinics use false advertisements and cheap products to get more attention. Cheap products make them earn more money because the profit is much higher compared to using good and known products. Customer satisfaction and health is important. That is why it is extremely important to choose the correct clinic and learn the brands that they are working with.

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    which implants to choose from dentafly
    which implants to choose from dentafly dental clinic

    There are many brands that are the founders and perfectionists of All on 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8  Systems. There are dental implants that are made specifically for All on Systems and then they have evolved further. The ability for those implants to hold onto the bone was much better than the regular implants, all of the implants started to take example from the All on System implants. After then, all of the implants have been manufactured to be used for all purposes along with All on systems. All of the implants have improved for the patients’ comfort and reduce the risk of a failure to zero.

    All on Four Costs from £3000 | 2 Visits to Turkey

    What is included in Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Packages?

    There are different implants that can be used and patients will choose which implant brand they want to move on with. It is important to use a good and known brand of implants so that the treatment will be lifetime as intended.

    full mouth dental implant packages
    full mouth dental implant packages

    The “crowns” are as important as implants. There are different materials that are being used on top of the implants. The best option is BioHPP. BioHPP is a material in which the ability to absorb pressure is much higher than its competitive material such as Zirconia. It is not rigid that is going to prevent the natural physiological movements of the jaw of the patient. It is flexible that the naturality of the jaw system of the patient will be much relaxed and comfortable. There is no metal involved with treatments using BioHPP. This makes the treatment much healthier while the patient will not have any metal taste in their mouth. BioHPP is the best way to produce ARCH Systems using Toronto Hybrid System teeth. This way, the aesthetic look is much better because each tooth is cemented individually. 

    The other material is Monolithic Zirconia ARCH. Same with BioHPP, it is organic but the flexibility and individual teeth are not possible to achieve with zirconia. The aesthetic look is still possible to achieve with Zirconia.

    full mouth turkey
    full mouth turkey

    Since you will come from another country, you will need a place to stay. The package includes accommodation for you until the end of your treatment. Thanks to Digital Dentistry, patients do not have to stay for a month or keep coming and going back. An All on System takes around 4-6 days to complete the first stage. There will be a healing period for about 3-6 months in between visits. The second visit, same as first, will take around 4-6 days to complete. The clinic will provide the necessary nights at the hotel.

    full mouth SLactive
    full mouth SLactive

    You might be using your car, motorbike, or public transportation in your country. The clinic does not want you to think about what to use to go to the hotel, clinic, and back to the airport. They will provide your transfers with VIP cars. They will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your hotel, they will pick you up from the hotel and bring you to the clinic and back to your hotel, and at the end of the treatment, they will take you back to the airport. 

    With All on Systems, you will not have your permanent teeth on the first visit. It is important to let the bone heal around the implant and become stable and strong. The healing period depends on the procedure and the bone quality of the patient. The certain waiting period will be determined by the implant surgeon right after the implants are placed. The temporary teeth are made specifically for the patients’ mouth and gum shape so that it will be comfortable to use. The temporary teeth are meant for the aesthetic look and not for function. This means that the patient should still be careful about what to eat. 

    et 3 all on 4 system hiossen
    hiossen implant features in Dentafly
    contents of full mouth packages
    contents of full mouth packages

    The implants are the main components of an All on System. The implant surgeon has to know the implant that is being used in order to increase the success rate and patient’s comfort after the implants are placed. The patient has to search and learn the difference in each implant and ask questions accordingly. Asking questions and getting replies immediately will lead you to choose the correct clinic as well. 

    Which implants to choose from?

    The best 2 implant brands are Straumann and Hiossen. Straumann has their special surface, SLActive and Hiossen has ET III NH System implants. Both of their surfaces increase osseointegration and make immediate restoration possible. 


    The surface is based on a large-grit sandblasting technique that generates a macro-roughness on the titanium surface. This is followed by acid-etching that superposes a micro-roughness. The resulting topography offers an ideal structure for cell attachment (Straumann).

    SLActive surface increases the Osseointegration which reduces the healing period from 6-8 weeks to 2-4 weeks. SLActive also increases the predictability of the success rate of the implant. Increase in bone preservation and regeneration is seen during clinical trials over the years.

    ET III NH System

    Significant Improvements to BIC The super hydrophilic bioresorbable apatite increases Bone to Implant Contact (BIC) by 39% compared to SA.


    12% increase in platelet adhesion (better initial osseointegration) and a 12% increase in cell differentiation.

    Ultra Thin Nano-Coating

    Bioresorbable apatite coating is 10 nanometers thick. The thickness of coating layer is 5,000: 1

    Bioresorbable apatite

    Bone forms directly to the SA surface as the apatite layer is resorbed during osseointegration.


    Full mouth dental implants in Turkey
    Full mouth dental implants in Turkey





    MSc. Dt Soner Arikan

    He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Gazi University in 2004. He has worked on Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Cad/Cam dental treatments, and smile designs. He has been a certified dentist for brands like Nobel Biocare Swedish Implant, Bego German Implant, I-System Screwless Implant, and Straumann Swiss Implant since 2006.