There are many clinics in the world. To be in the top 10 among every other clinic requires the best equipment, working with the best brands, experienced dentists, and a certificate of QC (Quality Control). Along with using and working with the best brands, dentists, and certificate of Quality Control, we have a fantastic 4.8 Google Business rate and an excellent 4.7 TrustPilot rate. We are not just the best clinic in Turkey but we are one of the best dental clinics in the world. We are proud that we have helped thousands of patients from all around the world and keep putting up excellent work on different varieties of dental treatments.

dentafly dental clinic
dentafly dental clinic accredited clinic

Top 10  Dental Clinics In the World

  1. West End Dental, UK
  2. EvoDental, UK
  3. Praga Medica, USA
  4. Envy Smile Dental Spa, USA
  5. Dental Temple, USA
  6. Dentafly, Turkey
  7. Bonefactory Academy
  8. Andersen Tandklinik Budapest
  9. Dental Europe GmbH (Zahnarzt in Ungarn) 
  10. Dental Excellence UK, UK
Top 10 dental clinics in the world
Top 10 dental clinics in the world

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    Global Clinic Rating

    We are a proud part of GCR as Dentafly(Global Clinic Rating) and we are one of the first to prove our level of expertise, our clinic’s quality, and our response rate to the patients. We are accredited by the GCR to prove to the world that we are the best clinic in Turkey and one of the best in the world.

    Global Clinic Rating
    Global Clinic Rating accredited rules

    Free of Charge Services

    Unlike other clinics around the world, we at Dentafly in Turkey, do not charge extra for consultation, whether it is online or done at our clinic, X-Ray, and CT-Scan. By taking X-ray and CT scans, we can offer a certain and healthy plan to the patient. That is how we can explain the procedure and ask the patient about their expectations.

    Free of charge service under dental guarantee
    Free of charge service under dental guarantee

    Again, unlike other clinics around the world, we do not charge extra for local anaesthesia. It is impossible to perform such treatment such as, implant or crowns without local anaesthesia. We must provide our patients with anaesthesia so that they will have less things to think about while getting their treatment. We know that it is quite psychological as much as physical it is to get a dental treatment. We are adjusting everything to the comfort of our patients. 

    Support Team for Aftercare

    We are one of the first clinics that has a separate Support Team to be with our patients after their treatment is completed. The Support Team responds to all the questions and concerns of the patients and helps them with the proper after care that they should do for their mouth hygiene and health. We have proved to our patients that we are providing the best after care to our patients no matter where they are. We are always with you.

    dentafly is the only dental clinic which has support team
    dentafly is the only dental clinic which has support team

    Guarantee Policies in dental clinics of Turkey

    We have mentioned that we are always here for our patients, and that is why we give 8 years of guarantee for the monolithic glass-ceramic zirconia crowns. In dentistry, there is no warranty for the zirconia crowns but here in Turkey, we give 8 years of guarantee for our beloved patients. We want the treatment that our patient had with us to be the last treatment they ever need. At any time when a patient needs to get into contact with us, they can use our support email or they can simply talk with their patient coordinator.

    8 years guarantee
    8 years guarantee

    Dental Implants Guarantee in dental clinics

    Along with monolithic glass-ceramic zirconia crowns guarantee for 8 years, we are giving our patient life-time of guarantee for the implants. We are directly working with the best implant brands such as Hiossen and Straumann and the patients will have a lifetime of international guarantee. We are giving our patients implant passports that the guarantee is not only valid in Turkey, but the guarantee for the implants are valid all around the world. The implants can be used for a lifetime if the implant surgeon is skilled and experienced and knows the correct place for the implant inside of the bone. That is why it is extremely important to have a skilled and experienced implant surgeon. And this is why we are working with the best implant surgeon for our patients’ comfort for the future. 

    dental implants guarantee by Dentafly
    Dentafly dental implant guarantee policy

    E-max laminate veneers and full veneers in Turkey

    We are working with Digital IPS E.max CAD/CAM Lithium Disilicate Veneers that are the best material for aesthetics and thanks to their strong structure, there is no need to prepare the teeth of the patient for their new teeth in Turkey like zirconia crowns. With the minimum preparation, the e.max veneers are created as the patient wants. We have many different designs that we use and our patients can make adjustments to the shape as they wish. The colour of the e.max veneer is up to the patient. They can choose any colour that they want from our 60+ colour chart. We are the best clinic in Turkey that uses e.max veneer with full Digital Dentistry Systems, CAD/CAM machines, and our own design team that are certificated and experienced working with e.max veneers.

    cad cam systems in digital dentistry
    cad cam systems in digital dentistry

    Digital Dental Clinics in Turkey

    We are working with full Digital Dentistry. We are using Digital Monolithic Glass-Ceramic Zirconia crowns in Turkey to achieve the full potential of the zirconia crowns and give our patients the new teeth that they are dreaming of and deserve in Turkey. As one of the top ten clinics in the world, we are one of the few clinics who are using the full Digital Dentistry System and have the laboratory in the same clinic.

    digital dentistry in Turkey
    digital dentistry in Turkey

    Using full Digital Dentistry means that the zirconia crowns or e.max veneers will not require preparation that is like porcelain veneers or other clinics that are not working with Digital Dentistry. We are not required to prepare the teeth of the patient too much. The design of the new teeth whether it is zirconia crowns, zirconia veneers, or e.max veneers are done fully digital. This allows the dentist to prepare the teeth just enough so that the patient does not have to be afraid of having teeth like rice sized. With Digital Dentistry in Turkey, we do not touch the gums so the chance of having red, swelled, or infected gums are zero. 

    The benefits of having the laboratory within our clinic is that we can make as much as adjustments to the new teeth of our patients in Turkey and within our clinic. We do not have to ask the patient what they want and send the zirconia crowns to someplace else and wait for them to return to us. We are making everything in our clinic fast and as our patients requested. The only limit is the imagination of our patients’ requests for us here in Dentafly Dental Implant and Smile Studio in Turkey offering zirconia crowns, veneers, e-max veneers, and full veneers.


      MSc. Dt Soner Arikan

      He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Gazi University in 2004. He has worked on Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Cad/Cam dental treatments, and smile designs. He has been a certified dentist for brands like Nobel Biocare Swedish Implant, Bego German Implant, I-System Screwless Implant, and Straumann Swiss Implant since 2006.