Ivoclar PM 7: Advantages of Dental Veneers

Ivoclar PM 7 produced in Switzerland. With the increasing developments, investments, advancements, and use of Digital Dentistry, machines such as CAD/CAM are a must. Everything is adapted to the system of CAD/CAM machines. The reason why everything in digital dentistry is adapted around the CAD/CAM machines is because they are what carves the zirconia blocks to the shape that is meant. The shape and design, is created on the digitised computer environment of programmes and the colour is chosen by the patient, the zirconia blocks are all in different colour so the appropriate zirconia block of colour is chosen for the production of dental veneers, dental laminate veneers, and/or dental crowns. 

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Who is Ivoclar?

Ivoclar started as a family business all the way back in 1923. They support dentists, dental technicians and dental hygienists both professionally and personally in fulfilling their passion and purpose: to ensure that people have the best possible oral health and quality of life, today and in the future (Ivoclar). Today, they are one of the world’s leading-edge companies when it comes to dentistry and especially digital dentistry with their advanced milling machines, zirconia and e-max material for restorative work. 

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Advantages of Ivoclar PM 7

CAD/CAM systems offer high standards and versatile use in digital dentistry. In dentistry, Ivoclar PM 7 can be used for both dry and wet depending on the production type. Ivoclar’s PM 7 can hold up to 20 tools at the same time and switch in between while working in both dry and wet conditions. Equipped with a high-performance spindle, the high-power 5-axis milling machine efficiently produces restorations that are distinguished by their outstanding surface quality and excellent accuracy of fit (Ivoclar).

Maximum performance

  • Highly dynamic and productive operation based on servo drive technology and high-performance spindle
  • Full variety of materials and applications due to simultaneous 5-axis kinematics
  • 970 Watt power for precision results
  • 8-way material changer (for up to 8 discs and 48 blocks) and fully automated material management based on RFID technology


This may not make much sense but what this says is that the speed is incredibly fast. This means that with the help of Digital Dentistry, here in Antalya/Turkey at Dentafly Dental Implants and Smile Studio, we are able to complete the treatment of the patient with dental veneers, dental laminate veneers, or dental crowns, much quicker than the rest of the dental clinics who are either working with the old technology or the dental clinics that do not own their own laboratory. 

Solution PM 7 offers

Ivoclar’s PM 7 offers a variety of different solution methods that fits modern digital dentistry and modern dental treatments. With the help of Ivoclar’s PM 7, we are able to help our patients with a variety of different cases with no issue. 

solutions of PMI 7
solutions of PMI 7

Every patient is a different case and every patient should be handled individually in dentistry. Ivoclar PM 7 helps us with every type of patient’s case with ease and quick solutions. 

Why do dentists using Ivoclar PM 7?

Compared to the other brands, Ivoclar PM 7 offers a variety of options in one CAD/CAM machine. The ability to automatically switch between wet and dry conditions while changing the necessary tool for the material is a fantastic help to the laboratory technicians and the material itself. 

Alternative brands

There are many different brands that manufacture CAD/CAM milling machines for PMMA (temporary teeth), ceramic, zirconia, metal bars, etc. They do offer wet or dry conditions milling machines as well. Such as:

  • Ceramill Motion DRS
    • Offers:
      • Wet machining
      • 4 axis
    • It is used for 
      • Zirconia
      • PMMA

Also, Ceramill Motion DRS has authorisation for using IPS e.max of Ivoclar.

  • Bumotec s191H
    • Offers:
      • Seven axes
      • Three spindles
    • It is used for
      • Ceramic

As it can be seen that the Ivoclar PM 7 can do many things in just one single CAD/CAM machine. It is a much more versatile, power efficient, and automatic switching to dry, wet, and in between tools is a precious helper to the laboratory team. 

Ivoclar PMI 7
Ivoclar PM 7


Here at Dentafly Dental Implant and Smile Studio, we are doing our research to offer our patients the best material, brands, and the best digital dentistry equipment. Our patients are precious to us and they deserve the best. We are offering fast restorative work for everyone around the world and only use the best materials and dental implants in dentistry. 




Ivoclar PM 7: Advantages of Dental Veneers - Denta Fly
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Ivoclar PM 7 offers a variety of options in one CAD/CAM machine. The ability to automatically switch between wet and dry conditions.

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MSc. Dt Soner Arikan

He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry at Gazi University in 2004. He has worked on Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Cad/Cam dental treatments, and smile designs. He has been a certified dentist for brands like Nobel Biocare Swedish Implant, Bego German Implant, I-System Screwless Implant, and Straumann Swiss Implant since 2006.