Importance of Dental Implants – 6 Hidden Truths

There are many ways to lose a tooth or teeth. It can be an accident or due gum diseases. There are treatments to prevent gum diseases but gum diseases may not go away that easily because they are genetically inherited. There are ways to get rid of the pain due to infection but root canal treatment is not a certain treatment. There is no guarantee that root canal treatment is going to work or not.

importance of dental implants
importance of dental implants

The confidence level of a person is bound to decrease due to lack of teeth. A smile of a person is where confidence is. Not just confidence, but eating food is a big part of our lives. When you lose a tooth, your biting or chewing is bound to change. For a healthy eating system, we must have the correct occlusion, biting position.

This is very important. When a tooth is missing, the opposite tooth will slowly start to hang down, adjacent teeth will start to collapse to the gap, etc. Everything is connected. There are a couple of methods that can fix this issue. 

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Most common and cheap way is to go to a dentist and get a denture to use. Dentures can fix the confidence and eating but this is not a solution. Because dentures can cause even bigger problems in the future. Dentures are an outside force that comes for your help but there are couple of catches, such as:

  • pain when eating
  • uncomfortable fitting
  • bleeding/swollen gums
  • mouth ulcers
  • sore teeth and gums – abscesses
  • bad breath

Even if you have taken really great care of your mouth and did not use the denture that often, there is still one inevitable possibility, bone loss

Dental implants stops bone loss

Loss of bone on the jaw where the teeth are is inevitable when the bone does not have something there to hold to. Slowly, the bone will be lost forever. The reason is because the bone is not stimulated. The pressure is what keeps our body to produce new bone cells. When there is no pressure, stimulation will not happen thus bone loss will start.

bone loss without dental implant solution
bone loss without dental implant solution

Advantage of Dental Implants over Dentures.

Using dentures not only affects the extraction area whether it is only one tooth or a couple. The adjacent teeth will be in danger. After some time, the adjacent tooth will start to become unstable and eventually fall. The same problem will occur with the use of dentures. Dentures will pressure against the gum and the adjacent teeth which will speed up the process. If bone loss is not stopped, especially on the upper jaw, will lead to more problems.

dental implants vs dentures in aging
dental implants vs dentures

The Best solution is getting Dental Implants

The main solution is dental implants. The dental implants will stop the bone loss and the patient will have no issues while eating or to their confidence. It is important to choose a good clinic to get the implant treatment. Dentafly Dental Implant and Smile Studio, are here to help you with your treatment.

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We offer the best implants used in the world. We are officially certificated and authorised to use Straumann implants. We are using Straumann BLX dental implants for immediate restorations. This means that our patients will not need to come back one more time to complete their treatments. Straumann BLX has a special surface that immediately starts bone cell regeneration which allows us to do immediate restoration. 

best solution is dental implant treatment
best solution is dental implant treatment

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Help of Digital Dentistry on Popularity of Dental Implants

We are using Digital Dentistry to make the crowns as you please. We have many design options and colour options. It is up to you to get the teeth you want. We are giving our patients the option to change the shape or adjust everything before cementation. We are working with the best because our patients deserve the best.

help of digital dentistry
help of digital dentistry


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Importance of Dental Implants – 6 Hidden Truths